CoCo Ichibanya Debuts First Outlet in Malaysia at One Utama Shopping Mall

Coco Ichibanya One Utama 6

Tantalise your taste buds at the World Famous Curry House and I was there to try them out. I was left with such a dismay and satisfied with their curry gravy. It was amazingly delicious and you can set your own heat from level 1 to 5. I settled with level 3 where I was totally drown into. Lovely.

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Internationally acclaimed Japanese Curry has arrived in Malaysia! CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House will be serving up mouth-watering Japanese curry from its inaugural outlet in Malaysia at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. With the most number of Japanese curry restaurant outlets- 1,350 restaurants worldwide and counting, CoCo ICHIBANYA is widely recognized as “The Japanese Curry House”. The restaurant has presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, North America, Singapore and now in Malaysia with the grand opening of its first outlet on March 6, 2015.

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CoCo ICHIBANYA’s tagline is “The tastiness you can choose” where customers have the power to customise their meal based on their preference and appetite– from the spiciness level of the curry, to the toppings and all the way down to the amount of rice. There are seven levels of spiciness for their Japanese curry from mild to crazy hot.

Coco Ichibanya One Utama

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With a selection of over 30 meat and seafood varieties to choose from including chicken, beef, pork, prawns, clams and many more and delicious toppings ranging from egg to corn to croquettes, there are endless possibilities to complement the fragrant white rice and signature Japanese curries.

Coco Ichibanya One Utama 1

CoCo ICHIBANYA’s menu also includes innovative curry fusion recipes like s paghetti with curry meat sauce, curry gratin and curry pilaf, as well as non-spicy options such as seafood spaghetti with cream, creamy corn soup and salads. Wash down the heat from the spiciness with refreshing drinks and desserts – from fruit juices, milkshakes to desserts such as Matcha & Vanilla ice cream and many other desserts to choose from.

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#CoCo ICHIBANYA is non-halal. The 1 Utama branch seats a maximum of 65 persons in the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is contemporary with a cosy and friendly vibe so customers can enjoy their food in a warm and casual atmosphere. A second outlet in Penang’s Queensbay Mall is scheduled to open.

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