Prosperous Chinese New Year DInner at Lai Ching Yuen Grand Millennium Hotel

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner
Norwegian Salmon & Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang

Lai Ching Yuen had been one of my favourite place to be and to be pampered over a good Chinese gourmet. Here armed with highly qualified dim sum and kitchen chefs, the food that march out to the table is exciting, stunning and delicious. Its had not to order the dishes that goes round the tables upon just a glance as they smells divine and looks gorgeous. I was there to Yee Sang my dinner recently at this old flame of mine.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 1
Norwegian Salmon & Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang

Bursting through the chaotic of the city I managed to arrive at Lai Ching Yuen on time, surprising early. As I was seated, an in coming march of the Yee Sang came without any time wasted and looked just stunning. A Norwegian Salmon & Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang it was and can hear the calling of my pair of chopstick wanting to start the ritual of tossing. I was impatient as it was too good just to see, I can feel my salivating running through my mouth then slowly dripping right through my throat. The texture of the salmon was smooth, silky and tendet while the crispy fish skin gave a fabulous crunchiness to the dish, luscious.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 2
Double Boiled Dry Scallop Soup with Seafood Dumpling

I always love a bowl of warm soup and here that night I had a double boiled dry scallop soul that came with a huge seafood dumpling. It was huge that my eyes bulged with such a delight. The soup was dense punched with flavour and the fillings was brilliant, packed with fresh seafood. Good one.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 3
Deep Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise Sauce

The deep fried prawns with mayonnaise sauce was really a jewel and my plate came with two sizeable ones. It was crunchy coated and had a great biting texture. The prawns were fresh and totally refreshing to have. The combination of sweet creamy mayonnaise paired well with the crunchy crisp of the prawns. Nice but I wish I can have more rather just two as it was surely good.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 4
Braised Pork Knuckle with Sea Moss & Dried Oyster

The arrival of the braised pork knuckle was grand, it was huge and sat onto a very comfortable cramic plate and looked so queen on its own. It was so gloried and make me want to give it a bow of entry. it looked like a big mama, huge and strong. it was sure braised to perfection as the fats were done so soft and tender. The texture was good and the so was the sauce. The aroma of dark sauce with anise star and cinnamon sure present to aroma the pork knuckle and it truly warm my heart. Wanting to indulge it came so easy and I knew I was charmed.

Bean Curd Beg with Assorted Mushroom

The next bean curd beg looked so cute and yet it was stuffed with assorted of cooked mushroom. It was a lovely dish and it suited well into the banquet dinner. Nice.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 6
Fried Rice with Assorted Chinese Wax Meat

The fried rice that came with assorted of Chinese wax meat was beautifully crafted wrapped nicely with lotus leaf before serving. The rice was really good in taste and balanced beautifully wit a variety of cooked Chinese wax meat. I fine to be exciting to have.

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 7
Warm Sweetened Cream of Green Beans & Chinese New Year Nian Gao

Grand Millennium Chinese New Year Dinner 8
Pan Fried Egg Nain Gao & Deep Fried Nain Gao with Yam and Sweet Potato

The dessert was elegantly and refinely crafted. The warm sweeted cream beans was silky smooth cooked and went well with the pan fried nain gao. It was a match from heaven. Dining Lai Ching Yuen always make my Chinese New Year a memoriable one.

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel No : 03-2117 4888

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