Obsession Gourmet This Chinese New Year at EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang

This 2015 the year of the Goat, I am back at EE Chinese Cuisine Restaurant for a true Chinese gourmet crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Yong Kam Wah. Yong’s tailored to design line of Chinese creation had earned his fame within the Chinese community and food scene where it always transpired his follower especially myself. Every of his dishes is definitely mesmerizing where it always left me we with a great satisfaction and a fabulous smile.

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Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang

Yong’s Salmon with Rice Crackers Yee Sang is still the jewel to start with in this banquet. Lots of element being put into this Chinese salad, a range of julienne vegetables and finely shredded pickles were the base. While an abundance of variation of crushed nuts and homemade sweet sauce enhance this powering dish. Once the preparation is done with great blessing of chanting, the tossing ritual begins with aloud.

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Double Boiled Sun Dried Seafood with Pigeon

Yong’s warm double boiled sun dried seafood with pigeon was stunning indeed. The broth was so intensely packed with flavour and goodness. The present of the pigeon foam gave the broth the charm and sweetness, I was impressed that it was not gamy in taste. It was definitely a joyful bowl of warm goodness to have.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 6
Oven Baked Live Oyster with Cheese

I was at loud when I had a tender bite of this large baked live oyster coated with a layer of warm cheese. It was such a thrill to have as it was freshly soft and tender in each biting yet came with a nice aroma and a touch cheesy cheese. I was praying more to have but we were allowed to have one each and left me with such a craving. It was very satisfying indeed, it was well crafted with such perfection.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 7
Poached Capon Traditional Style

The next dish, poached capon in traditional style was so captivating indeed. This is definitely a quality dish with great distinction, the meat texture was solid good and came with hinted fragrant. The accompanied hand pounded green chilli with lime went very with this poached capon, brilliant and I was left with such a dismay. Definitely a must order dish if you are dining here.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 8
Baked Cod Fish with Caviar

Well the next dish is rather interesting. It was a great talk within the Chinese kitchen community at recent where dried caviar being infused into Chinese cooking and I found it here dished right infront of me, a baked cod fish with a touch of dried caviar. It cod itself was fresh and had a fabulous robustly tender texture. It was nicely baked and coated with a layer of caramelised sauce where the powdered caviar being put into play. Intense indeed.

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Braised Cabbage with Eight Treasures

The braised cabbage was so beautifully presented, it looked solid. The cabbage was tenderly braised and soft in texture. The filling was truly a magic, there were oyster, salted egg, scallop, mushroom, prawn, sea cucumber, chestnut and fresh gingko nut. It was excellent and definitely came with style. Awesome.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 10
Golden Seafood Fried Rice with Rice Crackers & Tobiko

he next dish caught everyone with great surprise as it looked gorgeous, the golden seafood fired rice layered with rice cracker and topped with stylish tobiko. It sure looked so jewel and posh. The fried rice was lovely, fragrant and had a great biting texture with the present of tobiko. I truly liked it. Very impressive.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 11
Double Boiled White Fungus Ginger & Hasma

The double boiled white fungus ginger and hasma looked splendid. I did not had it as I was allergic to hasma and instead I had a doubled boiled red bean soup as a replacement.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 12
Durian Cream Pastry & Fried NingoEe Chinese Cuisine
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