Lunch at Tiffin Weil Hotel Ipoh

Tiffin at Weil Hotel Ipoh

When we arrived and checked into Weil Hotel Ipoh, we had our late lunch before having a peek at the rooms. We had a good hibernation with pleasure at the hotel’s Tiffin all day dining restaurant. I had my addiction satisfied, a cuppa of black coffee.

Fish Sticks

For something to start with, I ordered a this grilled lemongrass fish stick. It was tasty and nice, I had two pieces and shared plate with my friends.

Prawn Noodle

My friend ordered a prawn noodle and it looked very pleasant and gave an approval and a thumbs up. The soup was clear and sweet while the topping came lots of prawns.

Nasi Lemak

My mum’s nasi lemak was good too. The chilli jam was nice, slightly gave a warm sweet taste that pair well with the rice. The rending chicken was very appealing in taste and the gravy soaked in so well with the coconut milk rice and fragrant.

Lamb Cutlets

I was slightly adventurous and ordered a lamb cutlet. It was nice and done to my liking, medium rare. The nut coating gave a good flavour to the lamb and was pan seared and baked well.

Tiffin Weil Hotel Ipoh

Weil Hotel Ipoh
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
Tel No: 05 2082228

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