Dorsett Grand’s Sumptuous Chinese New Year Offerings at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year

Reviewed & Written by Ashleigh Hong

Dorsett Grand is a great place in Subang to usher in the new lunar year over a CNY feast at the hotel’s award winning Chinese restaurant, The Emperor. The restaurant is offering a variety of exquisite and well-executed Chinese New Year dishes and set menus for guests indulge and usher in greater success over the festive period.

Available through 1 February to 5 March 2015, a total of four set menus are available, ranging from RM988 to RM1,588 per table of 8-10 persons. Bigboysoven had the opportunity to sample the Set Menu B priced at RM1,188, and it was a truly delightful encounter with hearty, Chinese New Year cuisine prepared by The Emperor’s Executive Chef, Loh Jiunn Voon.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 1
Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon Fish & Crispy Fish Fritters

Starting it off was the Prosperity All Year Round Yee Sang, a staple Chinese New Year dish that hits all the right notes: Salmon slices, crispy fish fritters, and lots of condiments.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 2
Double Boiled with Cordyceps Flower, Dried Scallops, and Black Chicken

The soup of this set menu comes highly recommended, and is aptly called the Fame and Recognition. The soup is double boiled with Cordyceps flower, dried scallops, and black chicken as the main ingredients. Flavour from the broth is hearty and warming, with the Cordyceps adding an interesting dimension to the dish. The benefits of Cordyceps include improving the immune system and liver function – something we will all need during this CNY period!

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 3
Roasted Crispy Spring Chicken

Any CNY dinner will not be complete without a dish to usher in a Successful Career – which is a dish of Roasted Crispy Spring Chicken. The dish comes with the essential prawn crackers, plum sauce, and seasoning, with an LED plate deco to boot. Portions are generous with five, halved spring chickens that are well marinated and tasty throughout. The plum sauce dressing and seasoning are very optional.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 4
Steamed Sea Grouper in Hong Kong Style

The next course, christened “Abundance of Blessing”, is in fact a steamed sea grouper in Hong Kong style – superior soy sauce, sesame oil, and lots of green condiments to top it off. A straightforward and well-executed steamed fish.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 5
Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Curry Leaf & Lemongrass

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 6
Braised Fish Maw with Sarjien Oyster Black Mushroom

After the blessings of the steamed grouper came “Laughter and Happiness” and “Extravagant Fortune”, which are mainstay Chinese dishes of Wok-fried Tiger Prawns, and respectively.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 7
Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Diced Chicken & Yam

Another common dish in Chinese dinners is the steamed lotus leaf rice, which was one of the highlights of the dinner. The dish, which is coined “Wishes Fulfilled”, is a beautiful presentation of brown glutinous rice emerging from its lotus leaf wrapping, garnished with scallions on top and purple cabbage in the background. This dish was very enjoyable thanks to a generous amount of dried shrimps and the locked-in flavour achieved from its preparation.

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 9
Chilled Almond Nut with Dried Pear and Aloe Vera

Dorsett Grand Subang Chinese New Year 8
Deep Fried Nian Gao with Shanghai Glutinous Dunpling

Rounding off the sumptuous set menu are two desserts, namely the “Joyful Reunion” and the “A Sweet Year Ahead”. The former is a tongsui of chilled almond nut with dried pear and aloe vera, which is a very refreshing dessert that ends with a taste of liquorice. Satisfaction from this dessert comes from the generous aloe vera bits, which are a lighter and more refreshing option than the usual snow fungus tongsui.

The second dessert dish is a combo of deep fried nin gou or nian gao, and glutinous black sesame dumplings. The nin gou is sandwiched between a thin slice of yam and sweet potato, coated in thick batter and then deep fried. The generous amount of nin gou is soft and fluffy while the batter remains crispy on the outside.

We found the dinner to be very hearty and well-executed, with all the hallmarks of a great Chinese New Year dinner menu. We were also told by the hotel rep that The Emperor is a certified Halal restaurant, making it a great place for a Muhibbah CNY celebration.

For more information on the other set menus available or to make a reservation, contact or call +603 5031 6060.

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