Chinese New Year Dishes at Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant Damansara Kim

Baked Iberico Pork Collar with Black Pepper Sauce

Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant located at Damansara Kim is a popular restaurant in Petaling Jaya known for its refined craftsmanship in Chinese cuisine. It was my first time patronizing this restaurant upon the invitation from a very well known food blogger, Chris Wan of Pure Glutton. We had a table that night in a private room together with the owner himself. It was a fabulous tasting night that came marching a row of delicious food an Baked Iberico Collar with Black Pepper Sauce was one of them.

The Iberico collar was baked perfectly as the texture of the meat was smooth, soft and tenderly done. Every bitings was just amazing and I was intrigued with its taste while the black peppered moist it with great tasting style.

Prosperous Fatt Choy Dumpling

We started off first with the Prosperous Fatt Choy Dumpling that came deep fried and it was crispy in texture. I got to admit the filling was superbly nice, fresh thick chunk of chopped prawns came ozzing out from its filling when I gave it a bite. It was refreshingly good and having it laced with a touch of chilli sauce, the whole dumpling just sizzled in so perfectly.

Braised Boston Lobster in Ginger Wine

The next dish was definitely a prize winner dish, yes we had a Braised Boston Lobster dressed up in Ginger Wine. The dish was an eye popping dish that left me mesmerizing with great dismay. It was definitely had me thrilled and wanting more just grew unconsciously within me. It was definitely a pot on dish to have especially this festive season just within days.

Steamed Red Snapper with Kimchi

Having a whole fish to grand during festive dinner is a must and ours was tucked in perfect steam but it was perfectly crafted with the present of kimchi. It was very flavourful infused and the present of sweet and sourness truly enhanced the dish well. The fish was fresh and caught right alive from the restaurant’s fish tank. A perfect dish to have.

Claypot Rice with Winter Waxed Meat

The Claypot Rice with Winter Waxed Meat was very likeable as the rice was cooked well till fragrant in the claypot. The waxed meat was a centre piece and added such a stunning taste and texture to the cooked rice, it was so likeable.

Double Boiled Almond Milk with Hasma & Papaya

The sweet for the night was a Double Boiled Almond Milk with Hasma & Papaya that was cooked to perfection and served chilled. My night was so perfect at Extra Super Tanker Restaurant and definitely a good choice to dine here at anytime especially during this festive.

Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant
48, Jalan SS 20/10,
Damansara Kim,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone:03-7726 7768

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