A Chinese New Year Yee Sang Celebration at Xenri D’Graden Terrace

Xenri D'Garden Terrace
Xenri’s Premium Yee Sang

Yee Sang is an essential dish during Chinese New Year as it symbolises Prosperity, Luck and Wealth. Here at Xenri three different variation of Yee Sang are being serve. I got to admit I was amazed with the beauty of these few Yee Sang. The Xenri’s Premium Yee Sang comes with 5 types of fish – salmon, butter fish, red tuna, amberjack and jellyfish. It was had to resist of not chopsticking into it and scuba diving into it looking for the right piece.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 2
Jelly Fish & Salmon Yee Sang

If you are into something simple and less slice fish, Xentri’s Jelly Fish & Salmon Yee Sang is definitely a brilliant choice. I just love the present of the smoothness of the salmon and crunch texture of the jelly fish that worked perfectly with the other condiments.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 3
Organic Apple Yee Sang

As for the organic apple Yee Sang, I just loved it. It was so refreshing and suits for one who love and enjoy a plain yee sang with a touch of apple.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 5

Walking into the meal we had a bowl of edamame to tease our taste buds while waiting for our orders to be prepared. It was an awesome bean to indulge.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 8
Dragon Maki – Unagi & Avocado Roll

The Dragon Maki was good. I am just the person who will get sucked into anything that contain unagi but assured it was really nice. With the present of avocado the roll truly looked smart and irresistible.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 7
Hawaiian Maki – Breaded Giant Prawn & Mango Roll

I was chasing the dragon, puffing away when I saw this miniature dragon being displayed right infront of my naked eye. I like the robust texture of the prawn while the taste of mango gave the whole roll the true beginning.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 6
Spicy Salmon Maki

Well I always fall to my knees whenever salmon makes its present on the runway. This one it was designed in maki style. I found it was delicious done to my liking.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 9
Sanaka Mori Tataki

Next we had Sanaka Mori Tataki where few type of sliced fish paraded glamourously on its plate and was given a light seared then coated with delicious tangy sauce. I found my liking was diverted to somewhere else, can’t blame it was the Omakase that seduced me on the spot.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 11
Kaki Nezuyaki – Grilled Oyster in Shell

The kaki Nezuyaki was just terrific, I love mine plum, warm and juicy. It did the trick well seducing me having them all.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 10
Omakase with Hokkaido Uni

Xenri’s Omakase is out of the world. Every bites is so fresh and so sweet. With a dot of waani and the light deep of soy, it taste just brilliant and just melts me away. How can one resist of not having fresh flown in fish such as Sayoki, Hirame, Min Uni, Akagai, Engawa, Kanpachi, salmon and Suimaaji. It was truly a explosive eating experience.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 13
Sukiyaki – Beef & Vegetable Hot Pot with Sweet Soy Sauce

I wanted something warm and I ordered a beef sukiyaki and the broth was amazing delicious.

Xenri D'Garden Terrace 12
Unajyu – Grille Eel in Rice Box

The unajyu was lovely, simple and delicious. My Yee Seang experience at Xenri was stunning.

Xenri D’River View
19, Lorong 4/137c
Bedford Business Park
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-7783 8118

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