A Chinese New Year Feast at Yuk Sou Hin Chinese Restaurant Weil Hotel Ipoh

Salmon and Fresh Fruit Yee Sang

WEIL Hotel, a newly-opened urban retreat perpetuating endearing hospitality in the heart of Ipoh is welcoming the month of February with an array of culinary experiences aim to rekindle the love for family, friends and the special ones on this Chinese New Year.

The Yuk Sou Hin, Weil Hotel’s refined Chinese restaurant had tailored a range of Chinese menu specially for their dinners this Chinese New Year. This gastronomic and tantalising menus will showcase the fine culinary skills of its renowned Hong Kong Master Chef, Chung Ho Shi for this coming Chinese New Year reunion dinners.

Yuk Sou Hin Chinese New Year Menu

Salmon and Fresh Fruit Yee Sang

On Sunday we gathered at one of Yuk Sou Hin’s dining room for a gala of Chinese cuisine specially crafted by Master Chef Chun Ho Shi. The first dish that featured on the table was this salmon and fresh fruit Yee Sang. The ritual of garnishing proceed immediately within seconds where five spice and white pepper were put into play while oil and sweet sauce were poured onto the dish.

Tossing The Yee Sang

When everyone got ready with their long chopstick, that’s the time the ritual of tossing the Yee Sang begins. Chanting aloud of all good comings while the tossing got seriously and higher. It was fun. The Yee Sang was tasted good, light, crunchy and refreshing and came with a tangy taste.

Signature Lychee Wood Smoked Duck

Next came to the table was this signature lychee wood smoked duck where the beauty caught the guests with such a dismay. It came with a welcoming striking reddish roasted. This boneless duckling had a fabulous taste, the skin was crisp done with great hint of lychee aroma the was flying over my nostril. The meat was robust in texture and tenderly smooth. This is one of the best duckling dish that I ever tasted. Definitely a must have and must try.

Double Boiled Duck Soup with Cordycep Flower

Having a warm soup is a must for me, here on that day I was showcased a double boied duck soup with cordycep flower. The soup came with great flavour and I truly love the present of cordycep that enhance to soup well, well crafted. It was a very darling bowl of soup that I would love to cuddle with as it gave ma a great warmness.

Steamed Marble Goby Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

The marble gody fish was presented in a simple way at its best, steamed. It was juicy sweet in texture and it was fresh. Having the present of superior soy sauce it was add the charm to this dish. Perfecto.

Pan Fried Soy King Prawn

Heaven when the next dish was paraded right infront of me. I couldn’t resist of not setting my eye at those king prawns. The prawns was given a light fry and then pan seared with soy to infuse flavour, It was a brilliant dish.

Winter Melon Stuffed with Dried Scallop & Mushroom

The next dish was a winter melon stuffed with dried scallop and mushroom. It was a light dish cooked to perfection. The winter melon was poached to tender in texture while slow braised scallop and Chinese mushroom came out just perfectly. The brown sauce did kick in well and complimented the dish so well.

Wok Fried Mian Xian with Assorted Meat

The wok fried Mian Xian with assorted meat truly a test of frying technique. It was wok fried so gorgeously and taste just brilliant. The aroma just runs through the room without any shyness. I truly a fan of this noodle dish.

Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed, Lily Bulb & Glutinous Dumpling

At the end of the meal we were served with a bowl of delightful sweetened red bean soup that came with lotus seed, lily bulb and a tenderly glutinous dumpling that truly end my meal with such a dismay. The dishes that walk down this runway at Yuk Sou Hin was truly exciting and definitely a great place to dine in Ipoh. It was impressive.

Master Chef Chun Ho Shi

Master Chef Chung Ho Shi spend over 38years perfecting his trade, starting in an apprenticeship position at Lung Wah Restaurant, Xiang Man Lou Seafood & Shark’s Fin Restaurant and many more international restaurant, then moving all the way up to being the Master Chef of Chinese Cuisine at Weil Hotel Ipoh.

With an impressive resume under his belt which has taken him to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, Chung is passionate in cooking delicious Chinese cuisine using freshly sourced ingredients.

In 1996, Chung was offered the position as the Chinese Head Chef at Raffles Hotel Singapore leading the Chinese restaurant – Empress Room. He moved on to become the Chinese Executive Chef at Conrad Centennial Hotel Singapore, then the Executive Chef at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant.

At Weil Hotel, Chung is responsible to bringing his own unique style of contemporary Cantonese cuisine to the small heritage town of Malaysia – Ipoh. His reputable culinary career and distinct approachability will continue to enhance the newly-opened yet well-recognised Yuk Sou Hin Restaurant and Chinese banquet.

YUK SOU HIN’s Chinese New Year Banquet Menu

Yuk Sou Hin (玉壽軒)
WEIL Hotel
292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
3000 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia
For reservations, call 05-2082228 ext 2103

Operation Hours
Breakfast : 7.00am – 10.30am (dim sum)
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (dim sum is available)
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm

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