Caffe Crema Coffee Appreciation Night

Written by Choy Kok Ming

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Last night, I was invited for a coffee appreciation night at Caffe Crema, a brand new cafe in Plaza Mont Kiara. Not even a week old, the place has the look of your favorite neighborhood hangout. Many of the fittings were constructed from recycled wood, and had a lovely lived-in feel.


Caffe Crema prides itself as a place to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or tea. Distancing itself from the standard commercial fare, Caffe Crema’s owner had invited Mr Tristan Creswick, an Australian barista of repute, to guide their staff on the ways of the brew.


Mr Tristan gave us a glimpse into the art of making the perfect brew. We were educated in the variables of what made a great coffee: the allowed storage time for ground coffee, water temperature, brewing time etc. We were even invited to try our hand at coffee art. I found it thoroughly fascinating. The very fact that ground coffee should not be stored for more than 2 weeks never occurred to me.




Caffe Crema does not pretend to be a restaurant. The desserts sold are completely supplied by independent, home cooks. We were told that this allows the menu to change from time to time, depending on these cooks. As a result, Caffe Crema can concentrate on what it does best, provide the best cup of coffee or tea. However, this means that your choice of desserts are quite limited.

cake sampling

I loved the way Caffe Crema presents itself. It does what it does best, provide a great cuppa. Believe me when I say, I’ll be back for more.

Coffee Appreciation Night
Caffe Crema

E-01-02, Block E,
Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara.

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