Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner Malaysia

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner

I waited for this Charity Gala Dinner upon knowing the food is going to stunning. Six outstanding chef parading their accomplished years of cooking expertise and plating them just right in front of you to indulge is sure damn once in a life time affair. I was glad to have been there that night to experience their individual creation, The Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner in conjuction with the celebration of The International Chefs Day 2014 where all funds raised will use to support the work of caring matters.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 10
Jiu Hu Char Canape

“as petite as she is and as pretty as to take a bite of goodness …… Chef Amy Beh’s canapés”, as qouted from facebook

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 5
Chef Amy Beh

Celebrity Chef and Ambassador of Worldchefs Without Borders Amy Beh’s gorgeous petite tart cased over Jiu Hu Char was such a brilliant teaser to start with at such a brilliant eating showcase. One mouth bite Jiu Hu Char was charming indeed that came with fine bites of sweet turnip and also fine strings of dried cuttlefish to give it a boost of flavour.

Bread by Chef Alice Han

I can just bang my head onto the table as I presented with such lovely warm and freshly baked bread. French Baquette was a stunner while the Focaccia was a bewilded jockey that had a fabulous finishing and a slice of Hazelnut Mueslis Bread was definitely a sweet seductress. Alluring they were and definitely a show off that truly satisfied me on the spot, butter please. Thank you Chef Alice Han.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 11

“omg … one of the amigos crafted this luscious thick salmon as an appetiser that totally satified tonight’s craving of mine ….. then it inspired me to print this photo out and had it hanged on my dining room wall … yes the dish was so memorable ….. well done Chef Yau Kok Kheong ….. “, as quoted from facebook

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 4
Chef Yau Kok Kheong

The roaring salmon was such a fun treat to eat, it came in a nice thick cut and wholesome texture that caught my imagination. Having the present of marinated asparagus with Vin Jaune, Borage the dish was something you would not want to share with. Director of F&B cum Executive chef, Hotel Dorsett Regency KL, Secretary General Chef Association of Malaysia, Honorary Member of WACS and Committee of Worlchefs Without Borders for Malaysia Chef Yau KoK Kheong is known for his exciting creation Chinese Cuisine and also his refined and defined Western Cuisine, his creation is just to perfection.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 9
Fresh Prawn Bisque

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 6
Chef Eric Siew

The next deep plate was so elegantly posh just like watching Adele serenading the theme song Skyfall right in front of me and I felt so suited up, Mr James Bond. Bright orange it was stood right at the centre of deep plate, definitely a show stopper readily wanting to seduce me and make me felt so naked. Well it was such an awesome feeling, yes it was a mutual attraction, his crispy prawn and truffle leek parcel crowned with Avruga Caviar. This sunken plate of fresh prawn bisque definitely got the loudest applaud from all the punter inside the room and present of blue swimming crab timbale hype up the tasting. Executive Sous Chef of Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur, a member of National Culinary Team of Chef Association of Malaysia, Gold Medallist in Culinaure Mondial, Basel Switzerland Chef Eric Siew had his creation make to perfection on the Gala dinner, yes it make me craved for more.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 13
Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 7
Chef Rajesh Kanna

Looking at it reminded me of the 70’s retro wallpaper and it looked so deliciously punk. It was amazing crafted with love, the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. The composition was intensify genius with the present of hot salted smoked mozzarella cheese that caught my attention. My favourite caper berries too make a stunning appearance and followed up with a dashing dehydrated kalamata and tucked in with a playful wholesome mustard dressing. Director of Culinary and Restaurant of Sheraton Kuala Lumpur and Chairman of Special Project Chefs Associaton of Malaysia Chef Rajesh Kanna had showcased a very refined talent with a touch of class that got me truly amazed.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 8
Honey Infused Lacto Chicken Breast

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 3
Master Chef Helmut Lamberger

I was given a boost of joy that night as my Christmas dinner came early this year. I just love my plate, especially the way it was carefully plated filled with colourful vibrant. The honey infused lacto chicken breast was moistly done and my favourite beansprout make its present too. The delicious topinambur mashed suited well to my liking, something new to me and it liked it. The Chanterella too pair well. He is WACS Crtify Master Chef and The Executive Chef od Impianna KLCC, Master Chef Helmut Lamberger truly knows how to seduce my tasting palette with such an ease.

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 1
Trio of Miniature

Worldchefs Without Borders Charity Gala Dinner 2
Chef Khor Beng Gee

The dessert was full of an admiration from every punter that night. I also saw full of jaw dropping faces and smiles flirting all over on that night just because of the splendid dessert. Yes, I got to confess it was stunning and definitely a love at first sight. The dessert composition was delivered perfectly with mango yuzu brulee, soya panna cotta, infused chocolate mousse with garden flowers, seasonal berries, raspberry and passion fruit drop. It was the BEST dessert plating that I had this year 2014 and I was left speechless. The Trio of Miniature is the creation of the World Cup Finalist, Gold Medal of WACS Competition, Vice Chairman of PAM and a Senior Patisserie Chef Lecturer at Cilantro School of Patisserie Chef Khor Beng Chee.

The Charity Gala Dinner was truly brilliant and it was an amazing night filled with fabulous food by fantastic chefs something will be treasured.

This event was held at Cilantro Culinary Academy, USJ Sentral and with sponsors from Dorset Regency KL, Doubletree by Hilton, Sheraton Imperial KL, Impiana KLCC, Cilantro Culinary Academy, JKS – Amigos Beer, So Fresh, Nestle, T Chocolate Gallery, Euro-Atlantic, Jimat Jaya Sdn Bhd, German Delicatessen, Global Atlantic Sdn Bhd, Pok Brothers Sdn Bhd, Kwong Joo Loong Wholesale Sdn Bhd, Milawa(M) Sdn Bhd, Gourmet Partner, Hegerasiaconnect and Classic Fine Food

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