TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary with RM20 Voucher

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary

I had a small dinner party with my foodies friend recently at TGI Friday’s and TGI Friday’s was celebrating their 20th Birthday. So from 27 October to 13 November, 2014, TGI Friday’s is giving out a RM20 Voucher when diners get creative and design their own party hats to redeem it and we redeemed ours too. Tell me about it, I truly had great time creating mine.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary
TGI Friday’s

When I arrived I was ushered to my table and ordered my drink. First glanced over the menu I knew I want a cocktail and my picked was Margarita Shaker. It was delicious and just gave me a kick when sipping into it. Pineapple Sunshine, Orange Blast Slush, Mojito and Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea came marching in to the table ordered by the rest of us.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  9
Mocktails & Cocktails

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  8
Fridays Three-For-All

First entrée was Fridays Three-For-All a composition that contained of Fried Mozzarella, Baked Potato Skins, Spicy Buffalo Wings and Celery Sticks that comes with three tasty sauces. The spicy buffalo wings was likeable and I had two to begin.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  3
The Surf and Turf Combo

My Surf and Turf Combo came with a 10oz New York Strip grilled to medium with Blackened Cajun Shrimps, potato mash and fries. My meat was done to my liking and not overly cooked. The biting texture was very pleasing and the cajun shrimp threw in a nice strong comfort taste that jive well with the steak. I was pleased.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  4
Sizzling Combo Fajitas

Kifli had a Sizzling Combo Fajitas that came with a sizzling combination of beef and chicken served on a hot plate while other condiments like warm flour tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and cheese was served on a separate plate. It sure smells good from my end.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  7
Tennessee New York Strip & Shrimp

Xiang had the Tennessee New York Strip and Shrimp, a juicy 10oz Australian strip steak laced with the same divine Tennessee sauce that came with crispy bread fried shrimps. The plate looked divine and I was tempted to have a bite.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  6
Tennessee Salmon

Jennifer order a Tennessee Salmon that came with Cheddar Cheese Potato Mash and looked seductive. It was a sure winner as I saw Jennifer wiped the whole plate clean. She is a regular and it was her favourite dish.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  5
Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chop

Cho Yen had a hot plate of Lamb Chop can was captivating as it sizzled over to our table with bursting aroma. I had a piece to try and it was tender and tasty. It was a good choice too.

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  2
My Crafted Hat

After our dinner we all decided to paint our hats with crayon and colour pencils and this too entitled us for a RM20 voucher each. It was difficult to get my hat done up, I think it looked brilliant. I too had it on and took a selfie. Hahahahahaahha . . . . .

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  10
My Selfie with My Party Hat on Instagram

TGI Friday’s Celebrates 20th Anniversary  1
TGI Friday’s 20th Anniversary RM20 Voucher

So be at TGI Friday’s create your party hat, take a selfie with your hat, upload and share your it on Instagram and tag #fridays20th

Finally, show your Instagram photo to TGI Friday’s staff to redeem a RM20 voucher. If you dine in a party of four, you can redeem up to four vouchers with four individual Instagram photos! So bring in the crowd and get your RM20 vouchers. T&Cs applies here.

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