Seafood Dining on Fridays at Fisherman’s Cove Night Market Style


Starting November 2014, Fisherman’s Cove will be hosting its very own Night Market every Friday, from 6pm onwards, with a traditional village-inspired dining experience. I was there to place my experience and we end up having a fabulous feast and dine like kings and knights.

Welcoming Drink

As we were seated the welcoming drink greeted us with a great smile and it taste refreshing indeed. As we got to sink in with comfort, we were ushered to the glass display right in front of the open kitchen of the restaurant where a beautiful arrangement of fresh seafood was placed on crystal ice.


There were abundance of fresh seafood to pick from and each of us had our preference and all the picks were weighted for pricing and then went right away to the kitchen for prep. The head chef at the kitchen gave us a fabulous recommendation on the cooking techniques with our picks and we agreed with him right away. We were excited.


Besides choosing from the chilled glass display, we also picked up a live lobster from their fish tanks at Fisherman’s Cove, yes it was alive and fresh. Just brilliant!

Besides seafood Fisherman’s Night Market also serve meat item and was irresistible, so the lamb and beef were slipped into our perfect “makan” list. That night our picked ingredients were given a do grilling, steamed, oven baked and pan fried which was truly exciting. By the way the Japanese style hot pot syabu-syabu that comes with three different choices of soup: spicy tomyum, herbal and Japanese miso are also readily to order.

Organic Romaine Lettuce “Caesar Style” with Smoked Duck Breast

The Organic Romaine Lettuce “Caesar Style” with Smoked Duck Breast was a great start, light and refreshing. I like the present of the smoked duck breast bedding over the crisp greens, very captivating.

Deep Fried Calamari with Sweet Turnip & Mint Salad

The Deep Fried Calamari with Sweet Turnip & Mint Salad was such a turn on, crisp done to perfection and the calamari dish got cleaned with in seconds.
I really enjoyed it.

Pan Fried Fillet of Red Snapper with Pipi Clam & Lemon Butter Sauce

The texture of the Pan Fried Fillet of Red Snapper was good, moistly done. The dish came with Pipi Clam and Lemon Butter Sauce.

Singapore Style Chilli Crab

The Singapore Style Chilli Crab came to table and pleasantly seated right infront of me. It was hard to resist. The size of the crab picked was exciting and the sauce came brilliantly. It was spot on, delicious and I had my fingers licked clean.

Pacific Rock Oyster

I was lucky enough that night to grab an oyster and it was very fresh, came bursting with flavour and texture. I just love slurping them one after another.

Sizzling Salt Water Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Garlic Butter

When the present of the tiger prawns on the sizzling plate came bursting with bubbling sound I knew it I got excited. It was so irresistible, the tiger prawn was huge and it was given a simple cooked with garlic butter on the sizzling plate. It was a damn satisfying seafood gourmet.

Crispy Fillet of Threadfin with Coriander Chilli Lime Sauce

The threadfin fillet was pan seared beautifully and crisp on the outside and moist inside. It was given a nice glazed of coriander chilli lime sauce.

Chinese Silver Pomfret Steam with Superior Soy Sauce

The pomfret looked stunning and set it foot on the table with a simple touch of light steaming and conquer with superior soy sauce. The meat came fresh with a touch of sea sweetness and so loveable.

Kam Heong Tiger Prawn

The Kam Heong sauce played in so well with the peeled tiger prawn and the pungent flavour just so mesmerizing. It was good.

Spicy Nyonya Steamed Fillet of Sea Grouper

The sea grouper looked stunningly inviting and plated beautifully. The fillet was done perfect, moist inside and the spicy nyonya sauce complimented well.

Mix Seafood Pasta in Fresh Momotaro Tomato Sauce

The pasta was nice and came al dente paired with delicious mixed seafood.

Classic Moule’s Marnier Normandy

I love the their Classic Moule’s Marnier Normandy as was done to my liking and taste. It was perfect.

Canadian Lobster Two Style – Thermidor and Cheesy Mornay

the lobster was very delicious and fresh. It was done in two style – Thermidor and Cheesy Mornay. Both we really good and definitely get my recommendation. A must have.

Grilled Tiger Prawns

Five Spice Lamb Rack

We ordered the five spice lamb rack and it was really tender and juicy. I had a piece to myself and wanting more was just impossible as the dish was wiped clean, non left not event the sauce.

Wagyu Beef Cheek

The wagyu beef cheek was so beautifully prepared as it was so tende, moist and juicy. it was really stunning and so memorable. I wouldn’t mind having another piece.


Moving to the dessert, their tiramisu was brilliant, full with fragrant of coffee and intense flavour from the mascarpone cheese was so captivating. You wouldn’t mind having a few more spoon or another round.

Banana Split

The banana split was brilliantly crafted and it was my favourite too. I just want to have the whole bowl all by myself, spooning after another while watching my telly. lol!

Crème Brulee

The crème brulee was a star too, so creamy and silky soft. I just love braking the crystalized sugar on the surface as the sound of the cracking just excites me. lol!

Chocolate Cake

The chocolate cake was good and soft while the ice cream complimented it so well. My dining experience here was fabulous and never fail not to impress me.

Fisherman’s Cove
Starhill Gallery, Tiffin Bay Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-2782 3848

About Fisherman’s Cove

East meets West at Starhill Gallery’s most stylish seafood restaurant, aptly named Fisherman’s Cove. The intimate fine dining restaurant is renowned for its charming aquatic-themed design, complete with bamboo structures and transparent fishing sails, together with a sumptuous seafood selection to rival the Mediterranean Sea.

Feast Village’s most intimate seafood restaurant is inspired by the 7-star Muse Hotel in Saint Tropez, conjuring images of traditional fishing villages in times gone by. Part of the appeal is Fisherman’s Cove’s old world charm and sentiment which echoes romantic connotations. Ultimately, it is the establishment’s sublime dishes of exotic Eastern flavours and elegant French fair which never fails to disappoint.

Executive Chef Wai

Chef Wai today heads YTL restaurants at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. For him, what counts the most in his kitchen are the freshness and variety of the ingredients made available to him and his team every day. These are two factors of utmost importance to achieve. The 40 year-old father of three, who is also a keen cyclist and names Lance Armstrong as his favourite, professes to be a fan of reality cooking programmes, if not to expand his knowledge on new styles of cooking, but also to learn about new and different ingredients.

In recent years, Chef Wai won the ‘King of Kitchen’ title at the prestigious 2011-2013 Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) series. In May 2014, the book Two Friends, One Cuisine, a collaborative effort between Chef Wai and Austrian Chef Johann Lafer, was awarded the Special Award of the Jury (Germany and Malaysia) and Best Cookbook of the Year (Germany) at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Beijing.

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