Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant Holiday Inn Glenmarie 2014

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Live Lobster

My love affair and adultery with Seafood went back many many years back and even now we are a loving pair when it comes to my dining table. Yes were we were strip till naked for taste and pleasure. So when I steeped into Fu-Rin I knew I will be holding onto their lobster. It was a fabulous treat and a fulfilling evening.

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Fresh Octopus

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  7
“Ise Ebi” Lobster Teppanyaki

I felt like an emperor dining with great pleasure minus the concubines when the lobster set its foot on the dining table that evening. It looked very seductive and lured me wanting to have a play with it. My chopsticks were raised aiming like an arrow hitting onto this Ise Ebi Teppanyaki. The lobster meat was teppanyaki to perfection and top with indulging sauce. The taste was captivating and having it luring in my mouth was rather such a great blessing as it concurred my tasting palate right on the spot. Stunning.

“Ise Ebi Miso Shiru” Lobster Miso Soup

The Ise Ebi Miso Shiro may looked simple but I just love the lobster chunck being soaked in it. The texture was nice and firm while the soup was very flavourful tasty. I do believe that night I got dumped by my Viagra.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie
Sashimi Moraiwase

The sashimi moraiwase was truly fresh and taste brilliantly, it was captivating. Each slices was prepped with precision and sliced to perfection.
Salmon Belly, Butter Fish, Yellow Tail, Scallop and Amaebi were a few that had been paraded on that evening. Brilliantly stunning, something I would indulge with pleasure.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  4
“Fu-Rin Creamer Maki” Assorted Seafood Roll with Mayonnaise

Fi-Rin creamer Maki was truly stunning and very appealing in taste and texture. I just love the creaminess and the crisp crunchy bits that was left coated over on the maki. I had two of them and it was so pleasing and wanting more wasn’t a surprise.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  2
:Sashimi Carpaccio Aburi: Seared Fish Carpaccio Style

The taste and texture of the Sashimi Carpaccio Aburi was very shy to me but hey I truly wanted to eat it right on the spot. It was so pleasure of having it just like caressing and gorgeous meaty blondie. It was so fun and full of thrill and never killed my taste.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  1
“Edi Tango Furai” Deep Fried Prawn Meatball

It was just the sizeable ball that lured me into a second bite. it was soft and tenderly done, the edi tango furai. Nicely brown with a hinted crisp on the outside while the flavour was good. I wasn;t sure about the rest of the guests but I liked it.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  5
Wasabi Beef

The wasabi beef did not play well with my palate as I find it to be slightly tough, maybe it was served cold. But the sauce and condiments came to rescue and it ended up rather tasty.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  3
“Pan Furai Wafu Toriyaki” Japanese Style Pan Fried Chicken

Oh they had my all time favourite pan furai wafu teriyaki, here it was done to my liking. Nice biting texture and alluring to me wanting to have a few slices.

Fu-Rin Holiday Inn Glenmarie  8
“Yaki Soba” Fried Buckwheat Noodles with Seafood

The noodle, yaki soba was tasty to indulge even I was pretty full at that moment. It was irresistible of not having with helpings.

I love the food here at Fu-Rin, there cooking tasted even better and make me wanting to be back for another session…… Sidney Kan

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8
Seksyen U1,
40250 Shah Alam, Malaysia.
Contact: (+603) 7802 5288

Email: dining@holidayinnkl.com.my
Website: http://holidayinnglenmarie.com/
Business Hours: Opens daily for lunch 12:00 p.m. – 2:30p.m. & dinner 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m.
Opens for Buffet dinner only on Saturdays.
Buffet lunch is served on Sunday afternoon.

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