Dolly Dim Sum at Avenue K

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K
Dolly Dim Sum located at Avenue K

Tucked nicely on the other corner of the ground floor of Avenue K you will able to meet up with Dolly Dim Sum. I found it to be very amused by its interior flushed over with a glass house concept. Dolly Dim Sum is definitely showcased a modern contemporary restaurant that flushed with fabulous touch of light modern oriental backdrop, floating of bird cages, mid air bamboo steamers lightings and laidback modern Chinese influence tables and chairs.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 4
Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail & Gui Bing Tie Guan Yin

As seated with comfort and my ordering when off smoothly. The waiter was good in his serving and recommendation. My Hendrick’s cocktail played as my mouth wash while our Gui Bing Tie Guan Yin warm Chinese Tea acted as my cleanser to neutralize my tasting palate, both arrived within minutes.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 3

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 2

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 1

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 5
Crystal Prawn Dumpling

The Crystal Prawn Dumpling of three came piping hot on a bamboo basket appeared gracefully right on the table. It truly had a translucent white pastry skin and the fillings appeared nakedly seductive. I was salivating inside myself and hungered for a bite. Honestly it was good, the crystal skin was make fine and tender in texture while the prawn fillings was fresh, nice tasting.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 10
Szechuan Dumpling

The bowl of Szechuan Dumpling was luxurious. Each pastry skin was generously filled with chicken and prawns, each looked excitingly plummy and laced me such a fetish attraction. It was good.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 8
Homemade Fish Ball

It was bouncy in texture and just how it should be, a homemade fish ball. Here Dolly Dim Sum had it perfectly done. Light and tasty texture truly had me fatal of wanting another basket. Definitely a must order if you happens to dine here.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 11
Thai Style Prawn Parcel

The Thai Style Prawn Parcel came steaming warm with chunky chopped prawns wrapped with gluten skin while topped with sliced shallot, scallion, fresh chillies and Thai chilli sauce. I liked it, something different from the norm.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 6
Dolly Mozza Roll

Dolly Mozza Roll had touch of crisp which was nice in each bitings, laced it with the right chili sauce it can be very exciting. The fillings was very tasty and the present of mozzarella can easily be detected.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 7
Ham Sui Kok

The Ham Sui Kon was refinely done, soft and smooth it tasted as it went through my palate. It was nice and can be addictive. Another please.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 9
Roasted BBQ Bun

The Roasted BBQ Bun was very delicately prepared and touches of refinement can easily be spotted. The bun itself was soft and not overly thick and the chicken BBQ bites was really delicious and complimented the bun so beautiful.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 12
Thai Style Fried Rice

The Thai Style Fried Rice was a surprised present on the menu, something I don’t see on a dim sum eatery. It was surprisingly delicious and had a good work aroma.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 14
Egg Custard Bun

The Egg Custard Bun was really nice, the warm egg custard was rushing out when I peeled it. The custard sauce was delicious and flavourful while the bun was fluffy. Nice and exciting to eat.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 13
Baked Mini Egg Tart

The Baked Mini Egg Tart was tender and soft. I was attracted to the egg custard, it was done perfect while the pastry casing compliment well.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 15
Coconut Pudding

Having a spoon of their coconut pudding had me seduced for another one. It was truly refreshing delicious. It was light and so mouth and tongue suiting.

Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K 16
Avocado Pudding

We ended the lunch with an avocado pudding. It was brilliant, smooth and soft. The texture was loveable and tasted refreshing., definitely a very likeable sweet liquid. Dolly Dim Sum is definitely a great place to be when dim sum is serve for lunch and dinner. Definitely a place for Dim Sum cravers.

Dolly Dim Sum
Ground Floor
Avenue K
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

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