BEST Pork Noodle in Town at Jinjang Utara

BEST Pork Noodle in Town at Jinjang Utara

I was at Jinjang Utara recently on a food trail and was introduced to this Pork Noodle and it was truly delicious. I was left speechless when my palate went through the whole bowl with joy and pride. I kept silent and went wondering with the whole bowl all by myself.

Minced Pork Cake & Crystal Sliced Pork Belly

The minced pork cake was form and had a fabulous biting texture, The crystal sliced pork belly a[[eared to be surprising crunchy and the portion was really worth the money paid.

Delicious Firm Minced Pork Cake

As I spoon through the bowl I discovered tenderly soft pork intestine submerged under the deep soup, just love the texture, Then the kidney was semi hard and was not overly cook, it was delicious. Two type of pork balls were making it’s present, handmade and machine made. Both had a fabulous tasting, stunning.

The Pork Noodle Stall

Pork Noodle is located at Jalan Jinjang Damai, Jinjang Utara

Pork Noodle
Restaurant Chui Wah
Jalan Jinjang Damai

Jingjang Utara

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