A Sneak Preview The Gourmet of A Journey Through Time VIII at Shook! Kuala Lumpur

Shook! Starhill Gallery

A Journey Through Time VIII will be held this coming 21st November till 28th November 2014 featuring over 125 luxury brands and 20 of which are debuting in Malaysia. This eight nights Chef Matthew Ona, The Executive Chef for Shook! Kuala Lumpur and his team will be featuring the cuisine. At recent the management had invited us to have a glimpse and taste of the gourmet that will make its runway for that coming week. We were delighted and got ourselves seated and forking into them. That night was beautiful.

Shook! Starhill Gallery 1
Yellow Tuna Carpaccio Nicoise Style

It was so alluring as it got my attention within seconds and making myself salivating on the spot. I just freeze on my seat like an adoreable kid wanting to be rained with goodies and toys. It was their thick cuts of yellow tuna carpaccio that played so well and the present of nicoise salad tagged along with sun- dried tomato, kalamata olive, green beans, organic egg, fresh herbs and lemon dressing worked well into luring me for more.

Shook! Starhill Gallery 2
Spicy Lemongrass Broth

My bowl was filled with inspired liquid of light creamy shellfish that came with a dense flavour. I got to confess that it was very likeable and was kept with local flavour with the present of lemongrass. It was a good broth and filled with bits of shrimps and seasoned mushrooms but it was lacking of good biting texture.

Shook! Starhill Gallery 3
Rusuk Rendang Puncak Mahligai

The main was a very well kept secret of our local cuisine and hosted a well and elegantly slow-braised and grilled beef short ribs that played gorgeously into my tasting palate. I was impressed, the taste of refined rendang sauce and the texture of the short rib was done stunningly. The turmeric poached shallot worked brilliantly and the present of fried ginger kicked very well.

Shook! Starhill Gallery 4
Malaysia Flavour 2014

The dessert Malaysia Flavour 2014 transpired with modern gastronomy was prettily filled with wholesome goodies. The present of lemongrass jelly, coconut mousse, pandan sponge, mangosteen sobert, peanut gianduja crème and gula Melaka was such a thrill and cheered me up instantly.

The tasting was just stunning and left me craving for more the next day. . . . Sidney Kan

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