Udon-Ya San Noodle House at Pandan Indah

Udonya San Noodle House Pandan Indah Kake Udon
Kake Udon (RM6)

I stumbled onto this udon noodle house by chance after a maze chase at Pandan Indah. The eating experience here was a surprise, good food and very affordable, it had a brilliant texture and freshly homemade, knead by hand and knife cut to perfection. I myself just love the caring touch and time being invested onto each of this udon bowl. Here, a RM6 can get you a wholesome udon bowl to enjoy without any frills, topped with chopped spring onion, seaweed, tempura flakes and drenched with a tasty bonito flake soup. I just love their Kake Udon, done to perfection and packed with simplicity.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah
Ajitama (RM2)

The Ajitama egg was very suiting and had a perfect texture, the slightly running egg yolk was superbly done and I had two of them and cost me very little too.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 1
Carbonara Udon (RM9)

I just love the al dente biting texture of the udon here that jived perfectly with the carbonara sauce. The topping was nice and complimented well, packed with good flavour. I wished I can have another bowl, maybe I will my next trip, just carbonara.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 2
Tsukimi Soup Udon (RM7)

Oh . . . looked local just like our pan mien, their Tsukimi Soup Udon, it came with a poached egg and gave a kick to the whole bowl of udon. I felt so blessed at the moment.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 4
Chicken Karaage (RM4)

The gold bars of Udonya San was very affordable. Three pieces for only RM4 is definitely a steal. It was packed with tenderness and juicy that cause me to have two plates. It was too syiok indulgence that don’t cost a lot.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 5
Tonkatsu (RM6)

The Tonkatsu was likeable. The crisp skin caught my attention and the biting texture of the chicken gave a good kick over some chilli sauce but my neighbour seated next to me found it slightly hard for him. It did jive very well with me.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 6
Curry Udon (RM8)

I love Curry Udon, I was told that I was freaking mad but I just adore the fruitiness infused into a Japanese curry. Here it was slightly a different story, it was good but their curry had a slight local twist, not so fruity sweet and slightly powdery, not so smooth. All said but it still got me hooked, very likeable.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 8
Black Peppered Udon

The Black Peppered Udon was their latest addition due to the customer request and it was brilliant. It had a kick of peppery and had a very seductress taste. It was a good bowl of udon and a must order.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 7
Kakiage (RM3)

The Kakiage came with a fabulous crispy in texture and I loved it. At RM3 it was sure affordable.

Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah 9
Tempura Vegetable

We also had their Tempura Vegetable and it was done brilliantly. The Udon here is good and handmade to perfection, good texture and very affordable. I will be back with more makan mates !

Udonya San Restaurant
65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 011-1310 4182

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