Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors
Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors Presented by Asian Food Channel & Berjaya University College of Hospitality at Sampling on Fourteen Berjaya Hotel

Last night dinner showcased by renowned Chef Tareq Taylor was amazing and I was tucked comfortable over the dishes that was paraded over me one after another plus those glasses of delicious wine pouring from Jacob’s Creek too was truly mesmerizing. The dinner was just stunningly brilliant.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 10

The Asian Food Channel (AFC), part of the Scripps Networks Interactive family of lifestyle networks brought this renowned chef, Tareq Taylor from the television show, Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery to Malaysia for a one-night gastronomical event of Nordic cuisine! And I was there to experience.

Chef Tareq Taylor 3
Masterchef Tareq Taylor

Chef Tareq was there last night to entertain all foodie guests with his signature dishes and his cookings. As he cooks, he was entertaining us with his top tips and anecdotes on his career and all his travels. It was amazing. He was very friendly and easily approached and the guests last night just adored him. Yet he is a very good looking chef and truly stands out in his field.

Although Chef Tareq repertoire includes French, Italian and Japanese cuisines, he chose to stay true to his Swedish roots. His love for Northern European dishes that express the regional flavors and seasonality while infused with elegance and simplicity became his calling and passion.

Chef Tareq Taylor 1

Last night was definitely Tareq’s authentic Nordic-inspired cuisine that celebrate fresh ingredients and unique flavours not often experienced in Malaysia. Every of his dishes last night was a sure charmer and most I just love them, simple tasty and brilliant. It worked my tasting palette so well.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 1
Beetroots & Pickled Mustard Seeds

The first entrement a Beetroots & Pickled Mustard Seeds had a stunning visual and it was definitely a true substance. For a second I fantasized of not eating it as it was so beautifully elegant. It was for sure a great companion.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 2
A Beetroots & Pickled Mustard Seeds Entrement One by Chef Tareq Taylor himself

The beetroot was so refreshing and succulently tasty and it amazed me on that first bite, soft and silky tender. The earthen taste of beetroot that I disliked was not lingering around at all. Coloured dye daikon gave a fabulous refreshing crisp texture to the tasting, As for the pickled mustard seed was playfully to give an awesome colour to my brilliant bites. It was a stunning start. The present of Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay too enhanced the taste and accompanied me so well.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 8
Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 3
Beef Yellow Onion & Potatoes

Chef Tareq Taylor confessed that he talks to his food that he preps and I can understand him most as the outcome of food creation can look and taste better. His second entrement, he had laid a pair of thick cut beef and topped it with yellow onion, potatoes, dash of white sauce and petite herb leafs.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 4
A Beef Yellow Onion & Potatoes Entrement Two by Chef Tareq Taylor himself

The Beef Yellow Onion & Potatoes tasted very subtle, simple and light. The sliced beef was soft and paired well with the white sauce while the yellow onion add a fine acidic taste to the dish. It was a great contrast of taste compare to the first entrement and I like how it was crafted. Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet was very suiting and smooth in taste, brilliant pairing and succulently pleasure.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 7
Entrement Two paired with Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 5
Potato & Cauliflower Soup with White Truffle

I was intrigued with the next course which is a soup. It came soupless, just with potato and cauliflower puree topped over with eryngii mushroom and white truffle. Truly smells awesome. Then the surprise came into play.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 6
A Potato & Cauliflower Soup with White Truffle Soup by Chef Tareq Taylor himself

The jug that contained of wholesome soup was readily to be poured onto the deep plate for pleasure and it got me so excited. I had it spooned immediately, it was stunning in taste. I got to confessed that I had mine wiped clean and not a drop being spared. It was a very satisfied moment.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 13
Tareq Taylor & his Team of Chefs Prepping The Mains

The next mains took a short while as the dishes were prepped live at the aquarium kitchen just right infront of us. I had the lamb while my partner had her salmon.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 16
Lamb Lovage & Dried Apricots

The lamb was brilliantly sealed and smell wholesome and looked stunning. The portion was truly spot on and got me crazed about it. The lamb was done tenderly and medium rare and truly suiting to my liking. The sauce was done perfectly to taste with infused apricot that not surprisingly had a twit of refreshing sweetness and got me lifted with joy. I was so in into this fully flavour dish. Kudos!

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 18
Salmon Apple & Elderflower

I was a lucky man that night as I got to taste the salmon dish provided by the two ladies seated next to my left and right. They were both very generous. Surprising, the salmon was moistly done and pam seared to taste and had a nice seared crisp skin. The master piece was topped with petite chopped apple and hinted with the aroma of elderflower. It was definitely a light and tasty dish. Stunningly plated! I felt truly impressed.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 19
Coconut Pannacotta with Caramelised White Chocolate & Raspberries

To the finale, we were graced with a nice Coconut Pannacotta with Caramelised White Chocolate & Raspberries which was tasty and not overly sweet. The texture of the pannacotta was refinely executed, soft, silky and chilled well. I was impressed. The Jacob’s Creek Classic Moscato Blanco truly worked brilliantly with the dessert and I had them poured me a double.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors 9
Dessert Pairing with Jacob’s Creek Classic Moscato Blanco

Chef Tareq Taylor and Sidney Kan
Myself with Masterchef Chef Tareq Taylor

I just love his cooking Tareq Taylor and just adored his show too on Asian Food Channel. The whole night was magnificent, fantastic food cration and fabulous pouring from Jacob’s Creek. Foremost I was glad to be invited to this wholesome dinner created by Tareq Taylor . . . . signed off Sidney Kan

This event is make available through Asian Food Channel and Berjaya University College of Hospitality

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