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Rainbow Sushi

I had been here before and I love their cooking. At recent Taiko had a mew team and the food is even better. I love their fresh flown on thick cuts of Sashimi. Every slices truly worked well with me, smooth, silky and tasty. Taiko’s Rainbow Sushi came brilliantly beautiful and I had a few satisfaction bits.

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Yakimono – Tomato Bacon, Enoki Bacon & Scallop Bacon

Taiko’s Yakimoto is just fantastic, I truly fall for their scallop bacon, so tasty and delicious, the combination of saltiness and sweetness of the both elements truly ignited my appetite that night. Here at Taiko you can find others too like tomato wrapped bacon, enoki mummified bacon, chicken, pork belly and even chicken liver.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 2
Yakimono – Chicken, Pork Belly & Chicken Liver

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets3
Smoked Duck Carpaccio

As usually without being left out, Taiko too serve smoked duck carpaccio. It came with a nice cut, good texture and taste very intrigued too.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 4
Chicken Namban

Chicken Namban too was a great teaser, crisp crunchy done laced with a tasty mayo. I had a few of them as it was hard to resist. I always love biting into nice firm gyoza especially those homemade ones and here at Taiko it did not let me down, it was stunningly good. Great skin texture, good fillings and pan seared well.

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Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 5
Steamed Hotate

The steamed hotates was truly good, fresh and just love the tender sweetness that perspired from this dish. Lovely!

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 7
Salmon Tartare

Not many places create good and delicious salmon tartare, here at Taiko it was truly lovely. The salmon was nice cubed and tasted very fresh and very beautifully presented.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 9
Sashimi Moriawase

The spread of fresh sashimi on Taiko’s Sashimi Moriawase was stunning and fresh. Every bites was orgasmic indeed, I just cannot “tahan” to chopstick more pieces.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 10
Sashimi Moriawase

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Gomoku Ramen

Next stop was walking over Taiko’s ramen and I was caught with such a delight with their Gomoku Ramen that came with intensify pork broth and top with pork slices, melting egg yolk cooked egg, black fungus and carrot slice. The ramen texture was splendid too.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 12
Seafood Kimchi Ramen

The Seafood Kimchi Ramen was perfectly cooked. The kimchi broth was really juicy and tasty to my liking.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 13
Salmon Kabuto Ramen

Taiko’s Salmon Kabuto Ramen truly good to have, it was filled with tasty broth, god ramen and fabulous coated fried salmon. I wouldn’t mind to have another bowl myself, definitely on my next visit.

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 15TAiko Homemade Ice Cream

Taiko’s homemade ice cream too another foodie craves like myself. I can just have one after another without any difficulty. Love it!

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 14
Chef Steven Khoo

My Taiko eating experience is just fantastic and I truly enjoy them. I will be back for more . . . . . Sidney Kan

Taiko Japanese Cuisine
M15-0-2C, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03-2096 1822

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