Souled Out Bangsar South

Souled Out Bangsar South 17
Souled Out Bangsar South

Had a great blast night out with foodies and this time we landed ourselves at Souled Out Bangsar South. It was huge place located on the ground floor of Nexus Bangsar South. The food was brilliant and I was mesmerized into the ambience and feel. I had a great time!

Souled Out Bangsar South
Cheese Nacho

First dish that came lining up on the table was this Cheese Nacho with looked huge in portion. The nacho was slightly hard to my liking and I wanted more toppings . . . . hahahaha I am a dip freak.

Souled Out Bangsar South 1
Beef & Chicken Satay

I like their satay both beef and chicken, each sticks was well maintained to perfection, juicy and tender in texture with a hint of sweetness. Brilliant.

Souled Out Bangsar South 2
Mango Prawn Salad

The Mango Prawn Salad was truly refreshing as it had juicy slices of sweet mango and also cooked prawns topping the bed of green salad. It was very appealing and inviting, I liked it.

Souled Out Bangsar South 3
Deep Fried Calamari

If I am back here this is this dish I will order again and again, their Deep Fried Calamari was really genuinely delicious. So stunning that I want to own the whole plate to myself. Crisp, fluffy and so tasty . . . worked so well inside my bites. Perfecto!

Souled Out Bangsar South 4
Summertime Salad

I was biting into my teeth when I saw this salad dish making its way towards me, it looked brilliant and very attractive. Bright orangie in colour can just seduce you right away and so was its taste, work brilliantly. Love it.

Souled Out Bangsar South 5

Souled Out had been very consistence with their variety of Mojitos and it was had not to own one. In fact I had a couple of them. Just pure delicious!

Souled Out Bangsar South 6
Soft Shell Crab Pasta

I just love deep fried soft shell crab as it never disappoint me with its taste, texture and aroma. Same here where it was used as a toping for a awesome pasta. The pasta was bang on tasty, laced with strong flavour sauce that perfected the whole dish. Intrigued and satisfied!

Souled Out Bangsar South 7
Butter Chicken

I just loved the creamy sauce that came on their butter chicken, an Indian influence dish. The spice was not too overpowering, just nice lingering around my taste bud and the chicken was tenderly cooked. Nice.

Souled Out Bangsar South 8
Duck & Sundried Tomato Pasta

Everyone’s favourite was this Duck & Sundried Tomato Pasta, a very moist pasta that came with juicy sweet sundried tomato and duck meat that just laced over the pasta to give it the extra texture and taste.

Souled Out Bangsar South 9
Mutton Varural

A dried chilli cooked Mutton Varural was a smashing good Indian cooking which executed well here. A hinted spice and heat definitely my type of dish
that I can spend my time indulging it.

Souled Out Bangsar South 10
Pad Thai

I could not resist of not chopsticking into the Pad Thai as it was perfectly wok fried and topped with the right amount of condiments and the noodle itself had a great tender biting texture. Stunning!

Souled Out Bangsar South 11
Pan Seared Grouper

The Pan Seared Grouper looked delicious over a bed of spaghetti. The pasta was al dentely done while the grouper fillet was pan seared well to my liking.

Souled Out Bangsar South 12
Famous Faces Patmund Sor & Fanny Foo

Souled Out Bangsar South 13
Souled Out Bangsar South

Souled Out Bangsar South 14
Lamb Shank

The whole lamb shank also took the centre stage waiting to be indulged. The shank was beautiful braise till the meat was tenderly moist, suited me very well.

Souled Out Bangsar South 15
Food Bloggers Dining at Souled Out Bangsar South

Souled Out Bangsar South 16
Lava Cake

As we move to the dessert, I managed to spoon into their Lava Cake. It had a fabulous taste and texture but strangely the were no melting lava. The dessert was cased and the chilled ice cream was set on top of the cake that might have harden the lava. Well it was still taste good tho!

Souled Out Bangsar South 18
Souled Out Bangsar South

Souled Out Bangsar South 20
Tropical Pavlova

The Tropical Pavlova looked brilliantly gorgeous with striking colours. It was definitely hard to resist of not indulging it, It was brilliant, biting into the crisp meringue and sweet fruit sauce just make me begged for more immediately.

Souled Out Bangsar South 21
Gula Melaka Jackfruit Cheesecake

O adored the texture of the cheesecake, silky soft and moist. I liked the idea of pouring the gula Melaka onto the cake and it was so fun to execute it. The taste of jackfruit was mild, wish it had a bolder flavoured infused. Anyway it was done to my liking!

Souled Out Bangsar South 22
Rainbow Shooters

Before we dispersed for the night we tasted the Rainbow Shooters and we ere amazed with the pouring. Our eyes were open wide and freeze with such a dismay. It was brilliant!

Yes Souled Out Bangsar South is definitely a play to have good food and fabulous drinks, you will see me often here . . .. . . . . Sidney KAn

Souled Out Bangsar South
G11-12, Ground Floor,
Nexus Bangsar South,
No.7 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Reservations: 03 2242 3308 /013 613 1663
General: 03 2242 3309

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