Ri-Yakitori at The Gardens Hotel & Residences

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 13

We were lifted up to the 7th floor at The Gardens Hotel & Residences where Ri-Yakitori is located. The place was very laid back with comfort, nothing that fancy . . . a very Japanese restaurant, simplicity. As we seated, came this dish called Tsukune a homemade chicken sausage which was brilliant, ate with fresh egg yolk. It was excellent and way passed my expectation.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 14

Oyakodon came looking gorgeous, nicely tucked and very eye pleasing. The rice was fluffy nice while the topping was nicely crafted with chicken and egg plus a tasty sauce. Very appealing to me.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 12
Shake Onigiri

Something looked rather alien to me, it came in a triangular shape covered with seaweed, looked very alienated. Oh it was the Shake Origiri, salmon rice ball. It was huge and look like a fabulous bargain, lol. I managed to have a bit, it was nice a seasoned Japanese rice with salmon fillings. Interesting.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 11

As to begin the eating ritual, a huge bowl of salad seated right in front of me playing begging me to eat it. Well as being not a vegetable salad fan, I had a hand full, hilarious I was.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 10
Yakitori Moriwase

Oh! the pleaser plate came, a parade of Yakitori Moriwase that consist of different cuts of chicken meat running from tight till the breast meat. Well, having to clean the plate within a minute or two was my verdict, it was stunning and I was seduced on the spot.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 0
Tempura Moriwase

Tempura Moriwase here was a crowd puller, crisp as expected with great biting texture. I like them fresh made. Toasting them over soy and mashed white turnip had me hooked, it was addictive.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 8
Agedashi Tofu

I had nice bowl of golden tofu that came with a hot tentsuyu broth made of dashi, mirin, and shō-yu topped with spring onion, grated daikon and bonito flake. It was delicious and very tasty, the tofu came tenderly soft.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  7
Yakitori Shitake Mushroom

The shitake mushroom had a fantastic grill that came with good aromaand smell so sexy, Kenzo? . . . . hahaha I was just joking here but it was nice.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  6
Yakitori Aspara

Crunchy it came, the asparagus after being given a yakitori grill on skewer. Definitely pair well with those vegetarian without any doubt.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  5

The ramen here is really good, texture was brilliant and suited me perfectly. The broth was definitely a teaser and the egg was just spot on, I requested more. Half cooked egg aged in soy just brilliant, definitely one of its kind here in Kuala Lumpur. I found it!

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  4
Yakitori Enoki

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  3
Niniku Chahan

The Yakitori Enoki was neatly done while the “Niniku Chahan” Garlic Fried Rice was excellently down. Nice and difficult to resist.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 2
Yakitori Nasu

The Yakitori Nasi “Brinjal” came tenderly cooked, taste good and softly creamy. Topped with sweet soy sauce makes it taste robust and exciting.

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL  1
Yakitori Gyutan

The “gyutan” beef tongue was nicely grilled to taste and a perfect texture to my liking. The present of wagyu beef too took off so well and I felt so blessing. Overall I had a great relaxing yakitori meal here at Ri-Yakitori, dishes here are good and will definitely be coming back for more especially those half cooked eggs marinated in soy sauce . . . . . .Sidney Kan

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL
Yakitori Wagyu Beef Skewer

The Gardens Hotel & Residences

Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory
Tel No: 03-2268 1188

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