Proud Janny at The Weld

Proud Janny The Weld 4
Fruit Curry with Crispy Chicken

My weekend Saturday morning was a great excursion into the centre of Kuala Lumpur with less traffic and had a fabulous lunch at Proud Janny, The Weld. I like the deco of this cosy place that kept to the basic and I even caught up with the comfort of a guni bag stool. The food here was definite a pleaser and to be praise, bring back those 70’s days taste of local delicacies. Their Fruit Curry with Crispy Chicken definitely won my applaud for having the perfect taste with wholesome selected fine ingredients, like the kampong bread chicken that was put into a fine play.

Proud Janny The Weld
A Glass of Red Wine & Some Tidbits at Proud Janny

The Fruit Curry gravy was light, fruity hinted with turmeric and chilli while the texture of the kampong bird was firm and tender. Both paired very well and having a drench of with Raiz Merlot it boasted up my appetite without any of a doubt. I knew it was going to be a terrific weekend.

Proud Janny The Weld 1
Young Mango Kerabu

The mouth teaser dish came at swift and looked elegantly plated. Our Young Mango Kerabu Salad tasted stunningly with a pungent refreshing sweet sourness and topped with a whole fragrant grilled squid. The dish was bursting with flavour and aroma and I felt so blessed at the moment.

Proud Janny The Weld 2
Tamarind & Mango Fried Noodle

Next was a plate of wok up noodle with tamarind sauce and topped with pickled sliced mango. It was not that spicy but packed with flavour. I got to confess that it was brilliantly wok and sure addictive.

Proud Janny The Weld 3
Johor Style Mee Rebus

Johor Style Mee Rebus too was a show stopper topped with cooked beef sliced, prawns and hard boiled egg. The smooth and silky sauce came pungently delicious and gave the whole dish especially the strings of yellow noodle a good tasting.

Proud Janny The Weld 5
Dragonfruit Fried Rice

The Dragonfruit Fried Rice was unique bit what caught my attention was their delicious grilled chicken that came with the rice. It was caramelised grilled and taste superbly succulent. Actually I don’t mind if the chicken came in a bigger portion as I am sure I will able to finish it all on my own. It was a good piece.

Proud Janny The Weld 6
Banana Cake

The desserts here had a cross culture, local and yet western for example their cendol cake, so delicately crafted with local ingredients and yet had a western finished. It was delicious. Even their banana cake gave me a kick of excitement, nice sponge sandwich over pan seared banana, creamed and clued with nuts. The dessert here is uniquely delicious.

Proud Janny The Weld 7
Cendol Cake

Just love forking into the food here, the creation of each dishes here had been finely calculated. The outcome was just perfect, the taste was stunning . . . . Sidney Kan

Proud JannyLG-08, Lower Ground Floor,
The Weld,
76, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone:016-200 1806

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