Opium Changkat Bukit Bintang

Opium KL 4
Spread of Starters at Opium Changkat Bukit Bintang

Regroup about seven of us we embark for a great dinner at Changkat Bukit Bintang and landed ourself at the Opium. The setting of the deco of this eatery is very impressed and captivating, flushed with oriental influenced interior and furnishing. The whole place was transformed into the such a Chinese concubine house waiting to pamper us with great food and drinks. I was very impressed.

Opium KL
Signature House Cocktails – Peking Man

Here at Opium, the cocktails are truly divine ranging from contemporary and new mixes which was a pleasant discovery. I was saw myself trying out every single glasses that was paraded on the table as they were marching in. Peking Man was lovely, Red Lantern Margarita played well too, Five Fragrance Mojito was a stunner and Concubine’s Batida got me crazy over it.

Opium KL 3
Red Lantern Margarita

Opium KL 2
Five Fragrance Mojito

Opium KL 1
Concubine’s Batida

Opium KL 5
Salt and Chili Squid

The Salt & Chili Squid came brilliantly, very tasty and crisp in texture but wished the cut size was slightly bigger. The Ikan Bilis Fritters caught my attention as it was something quiet unique to have in a restaurant. The idea was nice but the was slightly tough to chew, it will be fabulous if it was tenderly crisp. The Lemongrass Sticks were really delicate in taste, I like the natural lemongrass perfumed its way into my nostril as I was biting into it. Nice texture and aromatic. The Chicken Satay was brilliantly grilled and nicely marinated that had a very nice bites, definitely worked well to my liking. The lamb patties had a nice suiting taste and not too strong in taste. The grilled chicken wings “pulak” were hard to resist, at that second we were battling all out to grab one ourselves yet I was lucky to have the whole piece to myself. Very juicy it was, the wings.

Opium KL 6
Ikan Bilis Fritters

Opium KL 30
Lemongrass Sticks

Opium KL 8
Chicken Satay

Opium KL 9
Lamb Patties

Opium KL 10
Grilled Chicken Wings

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