Charcoal at The Saujana Hotel

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 6
Murraysland French Cut Rack of Lamb

I just love the new established and the new baby Charcoal located at the Saujana Hotel and this new premises had truly got me excited. Like myself, you will definitely be seduced and impressed with their new open grill station and the looked of whole grilled lamb slowly rotating was so damn chic and sexy especially someone who loves indulging good food and cooking like myself. Flushed with modern grills and flush with rustic deco I know I was on for a fabulous meal.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel
Chef Robert Johnson

The Master of Grill at Charcoal Chef Robert Johnson hailed from Australia had so much to do with this new restaurant as he had every piece of meat and seafood hand grilled to perfection along with the new modern grilled installed here. Ganging up with a group of young chefs, they went on creating precision gourmet of griller and while with Auntie Belle a new kind Nyonya fusion was underway.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 2
Chicken Satay

The satay served here was well thought as they were served while still on grilling right infront of me. It was surely alluring, nice and unique as I love my satay served warm right out from the griller. The Chicken was just perfectly tender and had a gentle aroma of nice marination . . . I smell cumin and tasted the present of turmeric, lovely it was. The beef satay looked brilliant and seductively impressive, each bite came with such a pleasing texture, tender and moist left with a nice gentle caramelising sweetness. It was unbearable not to have more bites. I was lured into having more. Charcoal too had presented the lamb satay that was hard to resist after tasting the others. It was sure loveable and yet playful with my tasting palate. The peanut sauce was good too in playing its role.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 3
Beef Satay

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 1
Lamb Satay

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 5
South Australian 100% Black Angus Tenderloin

Murraysland French Cut Rack of Lamb was perfectly done and came with such a glory medium rare. The bites was left tender and moist, succulent as planned. The paired mashed potato was so sinful crafted and I knew that I can just have the bowl all by myself. The South Australian 100% Black Angus Tenderloin was something to die for, it came hunky thick and the bewildered fascination of caressing the tenderloin just exploded instantly. It was lusciously tender, moist and done just at the right temperature. The 100% Black Angus can be hard to tame but its hard to resist.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 7
Charcoal Homemade Sauces

The new Charcoal too came with a spectrum of new line of sauces that truly caught my attention, unique, adventurous, local and very likeable. I was confused which to pick and I like it all. All was my favourite. The line up on my table was Sambal Mango, Nyonya Kerabu Sauce, Sambal Hijau and Chili Garlic. The style of infusing local funky creation of sauce was intrigued and having the comfort rolling it over the grill meat and seafood just works wonders, brilliant. The Sambal Mango was lusciously spicy sweet and juicily thick, Nyonya Kerabu was infused with Asian home grown herbs of such kaffir lime leafs and ginger flower. Sambal Hijau was perfectly infused with chilli and local herbs. While Chili Garlic played with its subtle taste and definitely intrigued.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 8
Grilled Tiger Prawn with Kaffir Lime Leafs & Lemongrass

The tiger prawns looked delicious, huge and exciting. Honestly I couldn’t resist of not having them as they were perfectly grilled. Very handsome as my neighbour complimented. The texture was firmly fresh, refreshing addictive aroma just sipped in so well, I was mesmerized. I was such a torture just to have a glance of it but having the, was truly another issue of goodness pleasure, yeah it sounds truly kinky. Hilarious.

Wild Sarawak Grouper with Turmeric & Sea Salt Rub

It looked so smart and sharp, yes my Wild Sarawak Grouper and it was grilled to perfection with simple infused turmeric and sea salt. It tasted so juicy, moist and sinfully sea fresh. Definitely well grilled and it was wiped clean on the spot with so much fingers running around it. It was a true blessing.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 11
Braised Spicy Tamarind Beef with Long Beans

The braised spicy tamarind beef with long beans was a very transpired dish. Tasty as it looked and gave me such a good kick over by its spiciness. It went perfectly with some of my white rice.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 12
Stuffed Baked Eggplant

Nyonya dish like this stuffed baked eggplant was really nice to dish into. I like a slight naughtiness being played into creating this dish. Big bubbly round eggplant being put into the cooking and truly stands out perfectly and taste lushly brilliant. Nice, very nice.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 14
Grilled Exotic Fruits

The natural caramelisation of the fruits through grilling here was superb and having a sorbet topped over it was just speechless. it was so yummilicious sweet. The Tapioca with Glutinous Rice & Grilled Mango was a perfect simple local sweet with great add on and came delicious it tasting style, a brilliant finishing of a meal and a great palate wash. So loveable.

Charcoal Saujana Hotel 13
Tapioca with Glutinous Rice & Grilled Mango

Charcoal it definitely the place to enjoy a good steak with a its touch of creation. I was delightful having to try it out. Perfecto!

Charcoal’s Weekend Feast
For RM99++ per adult and RM49.40++ per child, enjoy a sumptuous feast of grilled meats and seafood, Peranakan and International dishes, desserts and more available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Charcoal.

Saturday & Sunday – 12.00noon to 3.30pm (brunch)
Friday & Saturday – 6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner)
Ala carte is also available.

Lifestyle by Saujana loyalty card menmbers enjoy up to 50% discount when dining at Charcoal while CIMB cardholders are entitled to 15% to 20% off their food bill.

For more information on Charcoal and its full menu and prices, visit or for reservations call 603 7843 1234 ext 6122 or email at

The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel: 603-7843 1234 ext 6122

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