Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Kuala Lumpur

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 1

It was just fabulous that the six of us managed to burst the bill nearly over RM1,500 include service charge and government tax but it was a fabulous night over wholesome Japanese gourmet at recent opened Sushi Tei located at Cheras Sentral Mall. The first dish that found its way to the dining table was this stunning Shiretoko that showcased a delicious combination of six type of fresh sashimi, Tuna Belly, Yellow Tail, Sea Bream, Salmon, Butterfish and Scallop. Our dinner starter well and the Shiretoko sashimi was so pleasing and we ordered two wholesome bowls. The scallop was brillant, juicy sweet and had a fabulous tender bites. The yellow tail came very fresh and it was hard to resist of not chopsticking it away right away and landed well inside my tummy. The salmon was smooth indeed while the tuna belly just tickled my taste buds on the spot. Every slices and every picked was so irresistible when it was laced with soy sauce and wasabi.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 3
Special Unagi Roll

I love unagi and had it ordered just to tease my craving and it was so fulfilling. The unagi was tenderly sweet and went very well with the plum of hand crafted Japanese rice. Indulging a piece or two of special unagi roll was a great start.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 2
Ni Anago (Sea Eel)

It looked very acrobatic this Ni Anago (Sea Eel), too beautifully plated. I had my fingers working into it rather chopsticking as I was overly excited. The texture itself was slightly dry but yet it was stunningly delicious. Wanted it all by myself but we shared.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 4
Duck Aburi Wafuu Carpacio

Wow this next dish Duck Aburi Wafuu Carpacio was smashing even having a lot you instinct would spell it outhow good it can be and I was hooked at a glance. The smoked duck was nicely sliced to the right balance thickness and the texture was solid good. I liked ponzu sauce and soy sauce played well over the slices and the whole plate was left clean within minutes, my eating partners truly know how to pamper themselves well.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 5
Ankimo Ponzu

Monk fish liver . . . . . . it was my first time poking into it with my chopstick. Ahh . . . it tasted subtle and creamy just like foie gras. It was truly likeable even on my first try. here it was served over ponzu sauce. Nice and interesting.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 6
Wagyu Wafuu Tataki

The Wagyu Wafuu Tataki was excellent too, pan seared wagyu beef and then carefully sliced and drizzled over with soy sauce and citrus sauce can be sure a mind blowing eating experience. It was light and appetizing with a nice marbling.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 7
Saba Shio & Terriyaki

Saba is a terrific fish to cook with as the texture is wholesome tender and nice to eat. Here at Sushi Tei the Sana was cooked with Salt bath and also terriyaki grilled. I do fancy both as the shio-ed was light and juicy while the teriyaki-ed was stronger in flavour and sweet.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall
Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall A
Wagyu Houbayaki

The next dish came with such a style and looked truly elegant. The Wagyu Houbayaki contained of sliced raw wagyu beef covered over some eringi mushroom and plated on a very sizeable leaf and left on top of a portable gas burner. The wagyu beef and eringi were left to grill over the leaf. I had mine just cooked and laced it with delicious miso sauce. I got to confess that it was truly a thrill enjoying it with pleasure.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 11
Homemade Gyoza

Their homemade gyoza was nice, tasting and had a great combination of flavour. Truly has a great fabulous bites.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 12
Kaki Fried

Kaki Fried was absolutely taste that came with big crunch and crisp, caught me with such a delight. The oyster coated inside was very moist and had a distinct flavour of oyster. The biting crunch left me with wildest lust, wanting more should be an option.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 13
Ebi Tempura

I love having to grab a bit of tempura especially ebi prawn as every biting gave me a very satisfying bite and always caught myself being pleasured and addicted. Here at Sushi Tei it was at par to my expectation. It was crisp outside and tasty inside. Soaking them into the tempura sauce is a must.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 14
Ayu Tempura

White baits too found its way into their tempura-zation here at Sushi Tei and got me amused. I like it and very addictive. The Ayu Tempura was stunning and the white baits had a great addictive texture. One can have a few without noticing. Having the present of chilled beer it will be so pleasant.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 16
Nahasaki Ika Tempura

Nahasaki Ika Tempura was as good as the rest. Ika or squid was not too rubbery but it had a suiting biting texture and with the tempura coating, it just tasted fantastic. Lovely.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 17
Tempura Moriawase

The Tempure Moriawase came with a mixture of vegetable and seafood. The combination is good and I had a great liking of egg plant and prawns. Yes it was a great fulfilment moment and I had a few extra too.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 19
Golden Soft Shell Crab

The Golden Soft Shell Crab had a good golden fried and came bursting with aroma of salted egg yolk and the dressed over with eye catching fish roe. The soft shek crab was tender in texture and lovely.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 21
Kaki Agedashi

The word Kaki just kept ringing inside me, its delicate its delicious. I was in luck as a bowl of Kaki Agedashi came running to me. Kaki, oyster was given a light battered fried and beautifully soaked in agedashi sauce. The cooked light battered kaki just soaked the sauce well and gave me such a beautiful liking. Yummy!

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 27
Ebi Mentaiyaki

I just love how the style of having mayonnaise being played infusing into the food and the outcome taste can be brilliant. I had their Ebi, Hotate and salmon done just that style and it was stunning, packed with flavour. Here mentaiko sauce and miso mayo sauce were painted on them thick and put into the griller. Just absolutely delicious!

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 28
Hotate Mentaiyaki

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 15
Salmon Mentaiyaki & Misomayo

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 22
Asari Sakamushi

Just love having something soupy warm and intense with flavour, Asari Sakamushi was the right choice. Packed with strong flavour of clams, intense clear stock and sake truly cheer me up and I am sure you too will like it. Nameko Misoshiru came piping hot too. Thumbs up!

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 23
Nameko Misoshiru

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 24

Chawanmushi too another exciting dish that can just give a booster for a day. The warmness that translate through me when having it never fail to inspire me, tasty too. A normal plain chawanmushi can do me quiet fine but here at Sushi Tei I found two more fantastic warm egg custard variation, topped with Ikura (fish roe) Chawanmushi and Zuwai Gani (crab stick) Chawanmushi.

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 25
Ikura Chawanmushi

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 26
Zuwai Gani Chawanmushi

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 20
Warm Sake, Chilled Sochu & Choya

That night as for beverage with had our hands fingering into the warm Sake, chilled Sochu and a few glass of Choya. Brilliant as it sets up the mood of dining!

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 29
Yuzu Matcha Goma Ice Cream

As to the end of the night we had something sweet, Sushi Tei’s ice cream matcha, yuzu and goma. All taste different and brilliant. We also had their bullet ice cream Nama in chocolate and matcha flavour. There were packed with strong flavour, there were good and very suiting to my liking. We also had a plate of Konnyaku Mochi too. The sweet session left with dismay and whole dining experience was just fantastic.

Nama Chocolate Ice Cream

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 31
Nama Matcha Ice Cream

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 32
Konnyaku Mochi

Besides this Sushi Tei new outlet, there are over 10 other outlets in Malaysia. Check out their details and locations at their website and Facebook.

Cheras Sentral Mall
Jalan 2/142a, Taman Len Seng,
56000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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