Recipe Philips Pressure Cooked Sliced Taro and Pork Belly

Taro and Pork Belly 1
Pressure Cooked Sliced Taro and Pork Belly

I just adore this dish sliced taro and pork belly even when I was a little boy, cooked at home kitchen comfort. Here I got to confess that this dish is not an affair dish that served daily, only for special occasion or festive over dinner. Here I like the creaminess, soft and the tenderness of the taro when cooked to perfection while the pork belly fats just melt away by itself and the leaner part will just be moist and tender laced with bursting sauce.


Taro and Pork Belly 4
Deep Fried Sliced Taro

There are a few technics involve in making this dish, cooking the pork belly, frying the taro, assemble them together, sauce coating and lastly the steaming process. For this recipe, I had took a short cut by having roasted pork ‘Siew Yok” instead of using poached pork belly.

200gm Roasted Pork (sliced)
150gm Taro (Sliced)
1 teaspoon Dried Shrimp (chopped and soaked – optional)
1 tablespoon Five Spice Powder
a pinch of salt for tasting
250ml Cooking Oil (to deep fry the taro)

2 cubes of “Nam Yue” fermented red beancurd (mashed)
3 Shallots (sliced)
2 cloves Garlic (crushed)
1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1/2 tablespoon Sesame Oil
1/2 teaspoon Five Spice Powder
100ml chicken stock

Taro and Pork Belly 4
Sliced Taro layered over Sliced Pork Belly

Deep fried the taro with cooking oil till light golden brown and set aside.
Pan fried the dried shrimp till golden brown and crisp. (optional)
Massage the taro and sliced pork belly with five spice powder.
Assemble the taro and the pork belly, set aside.
Prep the sauce by heating up 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil and fry the shallot and garlic. Add in sesame oil.
Add in the mashed fermented red beancurd and sautee for few seconds till smells fragrant.
Add in the chicken stock, heat till the sauce is boiled.
Coat over the pork belly and taro with the sauce, if possible cover them with sauce.
Cover it with an aluminium foil.
Place some water in the pressure pot, pressure cooked it for KPT 40-45 using beef button. (the pressure cooked time is longer as to soften the roasted pork)
Once ready to serve, topped the dish with the fried shrimps bits.

Taro and Pork Belly 3
Pressured Cooked

It was an inspiring dish to make, sitting down and enjoying over rice or by itself can be such a pleasure. I love my taro soft and the pork not too soft but slightly with a biting texture. Another dish done using Philips Pressure Cooker. I surely recommend this dish, do try and it will be a great dish to serve for a weekend lunch and even dinner . . . . . Sidney Kan

Taro and Pork Belly
Goes Well with Rice

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