Recipe Philips Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce and Ginger

Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings 3
Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce, Ginger and Chilli Flakes

Good Morning folks, last night we were busy at our cake studio building up a birthday cake for a pretty sweet lady celebrating her 88 birthday. As we were at our studio, I decided to airfried some chicken wings to kill our hunger, yes we we starving. :) Early in the morning I had some chicken wings marinated and the outcome was stunning. All the airfried wings just went missing within seconds. Hilarious indeed. Well I Airfried 7 pieces and I just realised how expensive chicken wings can be!

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Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings
Airfry Metal Stands

Someone at my studio thinks I am crazy for buying things that they think is a waste but I think not. I love to go shopping on my own and I can own loads of stuff. So hilarious and this time I got this metal stands that definitely works well when aifrying chicken wings . . .. a chicken wing holder. The outcome was really good, no need to twist and turn the chicken wings while cooking, great colour and less stick, less damage. Loving it already.

Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings 1

7pcs Chicken Wings (you can have more)
1/4inch Young Ginger (grated)
1/2tablespoon Fish Sauce
a few drops of Sesame Oil

Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings 2
AirFried for 8minutes at 180C

Marinated the chicken wings for 2-3hours
Pre-heat up the Philips Airfryer at 180C 2mins
Alight the chicken wings on the wire stand as shown above.
Airfry for 8mins at 180C
Served when airfrying completed

Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings 2
After 8minutes of Airfrying

I just love the light hinted smell of ginger burst its way into my nostril while every bites came solidly tasty with a touch of fish sauce. Just amazingly stunning.
These babies do pair well with white rice, even a pint of beer . . . . . or just having them on its own . . . . . . . . . . excited Sidney Kan !

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