Private Kitchen Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat

Private Kitchen Ding Ding Drilled Fish Steamboat

My recent indulgence was at the Private Kitchen located at Chow Yang SS2. The gourmet that awaits me that evening was their Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat, a type of steamboat that came with a deep rectangular pan. I was amazed with the style of eating. it looked luxurious and very inviting. Yes, very appealing to me although it is not a new concept in China and Hong Kong but surely new here in Kuala Lumpur. Every soup based served here comes with a grilled fish and I had mine with Red Pearl (Talapia) fish, it was brilliant. As for soup there is a choice of Fragrant Spicy Soup (very spicy), Typhoon Shelter Spicy Garlic Soup (moderately spicy) and Fresh Tomatoes & Sweet Corn Soup (not spicy) to pick from. For me I was very drawn in with their fresh tomatoes and sweet corn soup, it was intense and came with a hint of refreshing sweetness.

Private Kitchen Ding Ding Drilled Fish Steamboat 2
Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat in Fragrant Spicy Soup

The Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat in Fragrant Spicy Soup looked absolutely gorgeous and gave a very scene eye view. The desire of chopsticking into it strike immediately. The colour of the dish itself was very intense. The fish was half grilled and a short boiling is needed to intensive the broth. The broth had a great subtle taste that truly suit my liking but as I am a strong flavour eater prefer it to be slightly hotter. More chilly please and unlock the devil in me.

As it went on the spicy broth intensified brilliantly and the fish itself was cooked well, tasted perfectly. Mama mia !

Private Kitchen Ding Ding Drilled Fish Steamboat 1
Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat in Fresh Tomatoes & Sweet Corn Soup

Oh I was struck by lighting, the first tomato and sweet corn soup was so mind blowing. It came with such a gentle refreshing sweetness that just captivated me in wanting it more. By having the grilled fish dived into it truly intensify the soup without any doubt. It was a very likeable gourmet.

Private Kitchen Ding Ding Drilled Fish Steamboat 3
Side Dishes Available to Order

We had also ordered a few plate of side orders to enhance out eating ritual: prawns. sliced pork, delicious handmade pork ball and homemade pork dumplings. If you go through the menu, there are plenty to pick from. It was a so syiok dining!

I love it ! I am sure you will see me haunting this place real often . . .. . . Sidney Kan


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Private Kitchen
20 Jalan SS 2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Note: Chow Yang area, same row with Kayu Nasi Kandar.
Tel: (+603) 7874 8399

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