Niu Taste at St Mary Place

Niu Taste
Niu Taste at St Mary Place

I had a lunch date recently with my bff at Niu Taste a noodle and grill bar located at St Mary Place downtown Kuala Lumpur. The place looked really charming flushed with cosy Chinese interiors. My mates already started indulging the food when I got there but I did not miss tasting them.

Grilled Unagi Liver

Their Royal Beef Noodle was brilliant as I got to taste them but I did not manage to capture the gorgeous spread on my camera lenses. A special request of their grilled unagi liver came just I arrived and I had a stick to myself. It was brilliant, caramelised sweet teriyaki sauce coated the unagi liver well and I love my biting, played well into my appetite. I strongly recommend this dish!

Grilled Chicken Wings

The grilled chicken wings looked great and very likeable. The meat was succulently marinated and grilled to perfection. The meat was moist and tender, I highly recommend it to be eating while it is still warm.

Niu Taste 9
Tiger Garoupa Meat, Stomach & Liver Porridge

We shared the porridge that came with tiger garoupa meat, stomach and lover was brilliant. The soup base came with intense flavour and refreshingly good. It truly jived well with the tenderly soft boiled rice. I like it very much !

Green Tea Ice Cream

Nui Taste homemade green tea ice cream came to end our brilliant lunch over a great chat with fabulous friends. I like their intensify taste that gave me a good chill for a second and left me with a nice sweet memory of our lunch.

Niu Taste @ St Mary Place
A-04, Ground Floor,
St Mary Place,
Jalan Tengah, Kuala Lumpur.
Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm. Tel: 03-2856-9866

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