Morganfield’s Home of Sticky Bones

Morganfield’s Ribs Sampler

Just near by my place within my neighbourhood I dropped by Morganfiled’s Home of Sticky Ribs. for some wholesome ribs and I was truly pleasured. I am a meat eater myself and having a good cooked ribs is a must and I think I found it here. We showered ourselves with a lot of variety of ribs, from lamb, beef, pork to iberica.
I was truly satisfied.

Morganfield’s at ECurve

The Morganfield’s Ribs Sampler looked absolutely stunning and exciting, definitely attractive. It came with three signature sticky bones (1/2slab each) and you can choose from their four flavours BBQ Spare Ribs; Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs, Smoked Peppercorn BBQ Spare Ribs and Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs. The huge tray also consist of grilled footlong farmer’s Bratwurst sausage, grilled spicy devil sausage, grilled Herby Hog sausage, garden salad, grilled corn and the cob, crispy French fries. The Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Rib was stunning, the sauce was rich tangy and slight hot, just jived well with me. The Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs was good too, strong in flavour and played well into my appetite. The Smoked Peppercorn BBQ Spare Ribs definitely suited well with people who perfect rather not a complicated taste like myself. The meat the texture of the ribs was brilliant, moist and had a nice bite texture. Brilliant!

Morganfield’s at ECurve

Morganfield’s at ECurve

Jack Daniel’s Glazed Iberico Baby Back

The Jack Daniel’s Glazed Iberico Baby Back looked gorgeous, it was love at first glance. Hilarious it was. The size cut was spot on and easy to handle. The glazed was refinely done to my liking, I am sure a lot of hard work being put into to create this ribs. The meat was left tender and slightly moist while slightly crisp grilled outside with a touch of bourbon . Nice indulgence it was that night.

Jim Bean BBQ Iberico Baby Back

At Morganfield’s you can also notice the present of Jim Bean BBQ Iberico Baby Back which can easily seduce you within seconds . . . . . how funny it was as I was one of them. Tasty it was, cooked and grilled to perfection and was left moist and tender for mouth pleasuring.

Beef Ribs

The Beef Ribs was chunky and came with such a nice shining glaze and the chips was amazingly good crisp to my liking. The portion was good, definitely will be enough for one.

Lamb Ribs

The Lamb Ribs was excellent too, meaty and mine was succulent to taste and texture but I still prefer to pork ribs . . . . . just my preference for a mouth texture and taste.

Onion Blossoms

Onion Blossoms was tasty and crunchily crisp, done to perfection. Must have it when it is still crisp and warm.

Drinks at Morganfiled’s

Drinks here is pleanty and waiting to be explore, just pick a few just like myself . . . . . . . . . . . . Sidney Kan

MORGANFIELD’S, G25, Ground Floor, e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. (Tel: 03-7722 2414. 03-2141 3192 – Pavilion KL, 03-6211 9958 – Publika, 04-226 2487 – Gurney Paragon, 04-643 5049 – Queensbay Mall). Business hours: 11am until late, daily. Non halal

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