Bulgogi Brothers’s Burger Revolution

Bulgogi Brothers 5
Bulgogi Brothers’s Burger Revolution

At recent I was at Bulgogi Brothers to try out their much raved burgers and I had a fabulous time. Their burgers were excellent, juicy and delicious. This round Bulgogi Brothers had introduced four of their signature burgers: BIBIMBAP BURGER, UNYANG BURGER, KIMCHI BURGER and GWANGYANG BURGER. All four was my favourite as each of them were pretty unique in taste and flavour, you must check them out yourself.

Bulgogi Brothers

BIBIMBAP BURGER RM25.90 Inspired by Bibimbap, the popular Korean rice dish favourite which comprises of sautéed vegetables, egg and sliced meat, Bulgogi Brothers has created Bibimbap burger which features their home-made premium beef patty, topped with sprouts, carrots, zucchinis and to complete the stack of Bibimbap- inspired goodness, a sunny side up. It doesn’t look like Bibimbap, but it sure tastes like it! Savour the best of the famous dish’s sautéed vegetables and stone pot goodness, minus the rice.

Bulgogi Brothers 4

UNYANG BURGER at RM28.90 definitely will satisfy your carnivorous cravings with a burger piled high with meat. A hefty delight of home-made premium beef patty, layered with American cheese, beef brisket in savoury sauce and beautifully garnished with crispy shredded potato sandwiched in a toasted charcoal bun – the Unyang burger offers an awesome, explosive flavour combination that will make your taste buds sing and I did!

Bulgogi Brothers 3

KIMCHI BURGER at RM22.90 This is definitely a burger not to be missed for Kimchi lovers! Sink your teeth into a sinfully delicious burger that is oozing with Kimchi goodness, layered with mushrooms, lightly sautéed Kimchi and a perfectly seared handmade beef patty, sandwiched between flavourful charcoal buns. So good, it’ll have you asking for more and more!

Bulgogi Brothers 2

SPICY GWANGYANG BURGER at RM25.90 Named after a famous city in Korea, the Spicy Gwangyang is a fiery bite of tender sliced beef brisket, drenched in our spicy barbecue-like Osam sauce. Garnished with button mushrooms and onions, along with slivers of melted American cheese, this combination makes for a messy meal that will have you licking your fingers and smacking your lips in satisfaction!

Bulgogi Brothers 1
Biting into a wholesome Bulgogi Brothers Burger

The Burger Revolution menu will be available at all Bulgogi Brothers outlets in Malaysia from June 16th, 2014.
For more information, group booking enquiries or reservations, kindly contact Bulgogi Brothers at 03- 7722 3633 (e@Curve); 03-2282 2292 (Mid Valley); 03-7887 3541 (Paradigm Mall) or 03-2141 9620 (Pavilion KL) or log on to www.bulgogibrothers.com.my or facebook.com/BulgogiBrosMy

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