A Li Yaa Bukit Damansara

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A Li Yaa’s Sri Lanka Crab Colombo Style

Honestly did I know anything about Sri Lanka food, I didn’t. I have heard about when I was young but some how it vanishes right from my mind but I found it at A Li Yaa Sir Lanka Restaurant located at Bukit Damansara. I got to confess that their Sri Lanka Crab done in Colombo style was just brilliant, smokey oak burn taste with awesome secret spices. Definitely had me sparkled.

A Li Yaa 1
Katta Sambol, Seeni Sambol, Pol Sambol & Kampillay Sambol

As we were seated, came these four little pots of sambol; Katta, Senni Pol and Kampillay. It did devilish me right on the spot. I loved them all. Katta Sambol is a combination of crushed Maldives fish flakes, chilli flakes, small onions and lime juice which taste brilliantly. Seeni Sambol was sweet, sour and spicy onion relish that goes well with hoppers, yellow rice and even bread in Sri Lanka. Pol Sambol was a spicy dip made out from pestle crushed fresh coconut flakes, chillies, onions and lime juice. I found it to be sublime and easy going with my rotti. Karupillay Sambol that came with curry leafs was refreshing to taste, definitely a very likeable pesto.

A Li Yaa 2
Fish Cutlets

The golden brown fish cutlets was irresistible not to bite into, mashed flake fish and spices jived in so well. The outer skin was fried to crisp and came bursting with aroma of spice.

A Li Yaa 11
A Li Yaa’s Sri Lanka Crab Colombo Style

Our Sri Lanka Crab Done in Colombo style looked stunning and stood beautifully as the masterpiece of the night. The sauce came in studded black and truly tasted brilliantly, slight with bolded heat and a bit ruggedly stylish. The crab was fresh and meaty too. Just a perfect dish to indulge into.

A Li Yaa 4
Lumprais with Chicken

Our lumprais a Dutch influenced banana leaf baked rice was remarkably delicious. this dish contains of rice boiled in curry accompanied with chicken and fried egg in cashew nuts. It was burstingly tasty and delicious, definitely a brilliant to have.

A Li Yaa 13
Mutton Paal Poriyal

This slow cooked mutton with spice came brilliant with wholesome flavour and served dry. It have a groovy spice taste that can easily charm any punters by the name of Mutton Paal Poriyal.

A Li Yaa 3
String Hopper Kothu Chicken

String Hopper Kothu Chicken is unique, strings of unprocessed brown rice flour dough squeezed rough a sieve onto small oven trays then steamed to perfection. The texture was very much similar with rice vermicelli and here it is stir fried with chicken, carrot, onion, spring onion and various of Sri Lankan spices. This dish was so terrific that it was wiped clean within minutes.. . . . hahahahaha . . . it was very tasty.

A Li Yaa 9
Plain “Doosara” Rotti (Pol Roti)

The pan grilled flat bread with grated coconut so called Plain “Doosara” Rotti (Pol Roti) was crisp and nicely done and came with onion & mild chili. Nice.

A Li Yaa 12
Appom with Sri Lanka Sambal

I just love Sir Lankan’s Appom especially like this ones that came with a half cooked egg and topped with delicious pampering hot sambols. Do believe me these appoms are just set for an Oscar!

A Li Yaa 5
A Li Yaa’s Heart Healthy Eating Dishes

At A Li Yaa a set of brand new Heart healthy Eating Dishes menus are created which oil-less and free from coconut milk. When walk through a few of them and totally got me excited. Their Egg Rice was ecstaticly good, light and tenderly soft. Bendi Oli was done to taste and I like it. Curry Fish was also good, the fish was fresh and the curry was stunning.

A Li Yaa 7
Bendi Oli

A Li Yaa 8
Curry Fish

A Li Yaa 6
Egg Rice

A Li Yaa 14

Oh I had Vatilaapam a rich pudding made of coconut milk, brown palm sugar, eggs and various spices including cinnamon. It was really smooth and tender and I really like it, very suiting to my taste bud. Next I also get to taste the sweet appom the came with a dash of brown sugar and was lighted up with a dash of brandy. Brilliant.

A Li Yaa 15
Sweet Appam

I love the dining experience here, something exciting that left me with a few craving. . . . . Sidney Kan

A LI YAA|Island Restaurant & Bar
48 G & M, Jalan Medan Setia 2
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2092 5378

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