Recipe Philips Airfried Sailor Jerry Iberico Ribs

Philips Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs 1
Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico with Philips Pressure Cooker

I have this in my head and wanting to escape to reality for a couple of days already. It was hard not to try it out even I know the successful rate is pretty high. I got to say the ingredients and cooking utensils came crawling to me and sat their foot right in my little pantry, example thanks to Donovan Chan a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum readily for me use, a whole rack of aging frozen iberico laying in the freezer and my Philips kitchen tools : the Pressure Cooker and AirFryer.


Ingredients Philips Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs
The Ingredients

During my recent eating journey I discovered a secret ingredient contained in the making of “Char Siew” a Chinese BBQ Roast Pork and it was the Marmite. The cooking was simple and clean especially when I use my Philips pressure cooker and airfryer. I got to confess here that I ate all the Iberico ribs, there were surprisingly delicious and worth trying. As I was trying it out I only use a small portion of Iberico ribs, 300gm or slightly more. Oh yeah, I got my Iberico ribs from a frozen meat supplier in Kepong. The whole rack of rib just cost me under RM80 !

The Ingredient
300gm Iberico Rib
2shoots Jerry Sailor Rum
1 Tablespoon Marmite
2 Tablespoon Thai Palm Sugar (can be replace with sugar but I like something authentic)
2 Tablespoon Thick Dark Soya Sauce
6 Shallot (sliced)
4 cloves Garlic (Chopped)
1/2 Red onion (Slice)
A bunch of Fresh Coriander
2 Red Bird Eye Chilli
1/2 cup of water
1/2 Cube of Pork Stock
1 Teaspoon Sesame Oil
1 Tablespoon Cooking Oil

Philips Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs
After Pressure Cooked The Iberico Ribs

1. Brine the Iberico Ribs overnight. (Brine is water and salt soaking method to tender and moist the meat)
2. Switch on the Philips pressure cooker, Add some oil and sesame oil and fry the shallot, red onion and garlic. Then add in the Jerry Sailor Rum (I use braise button, fry without the PPC cover)
3. Add in Marmite, thick dark soya sauce and palm sugar. Stir them up till you can smell the fragrant coming from the pressure pot.
4. Add in the Iberico ribs and mixed it with the cooked ingredients.
5. Add in water and cube stock.
6. Add in the fresh coriander.
7. KPT for 40minutes
8. Once cooked, take out the Iberico ribs and set it aside ready for airfrying.
9. Heat up the airfryer to 180C.
10. Soak the iberico ribs with the sauce and airfry for 7-8mins (Do open the airfryer tray to check the condition of the frying so it will not overly cooked/burn)
11. Once done, it is ready for serving.

Philips Airfried Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs
Philips AirFried Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs

I had great time trying this recipe out. If you are not into iberico ribs, you can try this recipe with Australian beef short ribs . . . .. . honestly a got a fair bits of short ribs in my freezer and I can hear the calling already to try them out soon on another cooking adventure.

This cooking was done with less stress and still maintain a clean pantry with my Philips pressure cooker and my Philips AirFryer. I got to say it is worth trying, . . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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