Okayama Fair in Kampachi

Okayama Fair Kampachi 9
Okayama Fair in Kampachi

It was an awesome to gourmet the produce from Okayama ranging from Okayama’s homegrown tomatoes to lovely refreshing sea sweet oyster. I was there to grace my appetite with fresh flown in ingredients. I got to confess that I truly love the texture and taste of those ingredients and there were so many my favourite.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 1
Executive Chef Tamaru

That night Executive Chef Tamaru from Okayama was put in charge to satisfy our craving. We were full of lust wanting more after each dish as it was truly divine and so perfectly crafted. I never knew that I would enjoyed vegetable dishes. I was absolutely convinced. That night was just rather extra ordinary, a brilliant experience and very heart captivating.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 2
The Okayama Gourmet

Okayama Fair Kampachi
Edamame Bean

While waiting the curtain rise that evening, we were indulging into a bowl of warm edamame beans. It was nice, tenderly biting texture and came with a slight hinted sweetness. Definitely a craving supplement and I am amused.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 7
Nama Gaki Ponzu Fresh Okayama Oyster with Homemade Japanese Citrus Vinaigrette

My eye was bulging with such amazing delight when I had a bite into the fresh Okayama Oyster. It was filled with amazing delicious flavour and such a delightful texture, something that I would like it to stay within my mouth forever. The citrus vinaigrette paired brilliantly with the oysters, definitely a match made in heaven. The oyster is something not to miss if you are dining at Kampachi outlets during this promotion that starts from 22nd August till 5th September 2014.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 6
Okayama Yasai Salad Stuffed Tomato with Green Asparagus Spaghetti Squash, Endive & Shimeji Mushroom served with Wasabi Dressing

Okayama Yasai Salad was brilliantly served right infront of us on our dining table. It was something you can’t miss, a huge half cut orangy red tomato filled with spaghetti squash, endive and shimeji mushroom served with wasabi dressing. It was simple but it was sure delicious and caught with tangling excitement. Brilliant.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 5
Salmon Carpaccio Thinly Sliced Raw Salmon Rolled with Okayama Tomato, Asparagus & Yellow Chives

The Salmon Carpaccio was just wholesome and definitely a real inspired dish to have.= The colour was attractive and refreshing to look at. Very attractively platted. it was just a brilliant dish to have and not to be shared with. Hahahaahahhahaha . . . .

Okayama Fair Kampachi 4
Togan no Ebi Soboro Ankake Okayama Winter Melon & Minced Prawn with Thick Sauce

I was left to heaven when the next dish came dropping by and it was for sure a mouth teasing dish. The Okayama winter melon was soft tenderly steamed to perfection and coated over with thick clear sauce that infused with minced prawn. A mouth watering dish that can easily be seduced.

Okayama Fair Kampachi 3
Pione Okayama Pione Grapes

Okayama Pione Grapes graced the end of the dinner that night, the grape itself was very juicy and tender, really nice to bite into. It was definitely an inviting experience to indulge a great food with fantastic ingredients being put into use. Okayama prefecture truly produce high quality agricultural product and just taste fantastic I had a terrific evening, Sidney Kan

Okayama Fair is available from 22nd August till 5th September 2014 at Kampachi Restaurants Troika (KLCC), PAvilion Kuala Lumpur, Plaza33 Petaling Jaya & Johor Premium outlet Johor Baru.

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