Malones Irish Bar at Pavilion

Malones Pavilion
Malones Irish Bar at Pavilion

It was a terrific night over a few pints and great gourmet at the Malones Irish Bar recently at the Pavilion KL. I was very pleased and amazed with the food, it was brilliant. I am sure this is one of the reason why the had won the recent HAPA-GAB Excellence Service Awards 2013-2014.

Malones Pavilion 1
Malones Menu

I love the setting on this Bar & Restaurant, very classic and can be cosy too but for most definitely a place to have a few pints to chill out in the city centre. The Malones menu was incredible attractive and every item listed in there is truly a seducer. Here are the dishes that I managed to indulge into and everyone of them is excellent.

Malones Pavilion 2
Irish Seafood Chowder

To grace the evening while galloping my pints of Guinness was a warm bowl of Irish Seafood Chowder. The taste was intriguing, powerful in flavour and had an excellent aroma. It was the love of my firs sight and every spooning had me craving for more. Definitely a must have when you want something light to begin with. I called it the gold liquid of goodness.

Malones Pavilion 4
Crackling Pork Belly

If you want something light, meaty and crisp in your mouth like I do, their Crackling Pork Belly is something to die for. I nearly wallop the whole dish myself while sipping my drink that evening. I like the taste infused in the meat and the freshness of the pork belly. Definitely a cracker to please its audience.

Malones Pavilion 3
Caesar Salad

For those who prefer something light, their Caesar Salad is very inviting and simple to deal with. For something simple and refreshing this is definitely the one to order.

Malones Pavilion 7
Irish Sausage on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy

I like sausages as they are yummy to bite into and definitely meaty. Their Irish Sausage has a good biting texture and nice. The potato mash was tenderly soft and the sauce was excellent too. Nice.

Malones Pavilion 10
Bourbon Glaze Pork Ribs

The Bourbon Glaze Pork Ribs caught we with such delight. The glazed caramelised sauce coating the ribs was excellent and sweet honey with a touch of bourbon. I just love the present of the bourbon aroma. Excellent.

Malones Pavilion 9
Carbonara Pasta

Yummy . . . . . Carbonara Pasta here is good too, milky white sauce is so yummy. It was really good that I was caught eating the dish non-stop. The present of the raw egg was wholesome. Definitely my pasta dish !

Malones Pavilion 8
Irish Stew

Hmmmm….. by then I was nearly full but having a glanced of the Irish Stew caught my eyes, my craving started on a wild trip again. It was hard not to spoon into it as it was rich and sexy. It seduced my mouth and wanting me to lick it more. Yes it was a good dish.

Malones Pavilion 6
Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Yummilicious piece of edible art, goldenly deep fried and came with a slight crusty texture. The fish was good, suited my liking . . .. . definitely and nice plat of Fish & Chips, My ketchup please!

Malones Pavilion 11
BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Another ribs head my way, this time it was a BBQ Baby Back Ribs. It was succulently prepared and you could see me licking my fingers dry jus like a baby. It was really deliciously prepared, coating sauce was good. I love every bitings ! Perfecto for every pork lover!

Malones Pavilion 5
Bread & Butter Pudding

As to finish the evening we had a simple yet delicious Bread & Butter Pudding, I was perfect sweet over the floor leaving the floor with joy and felt awesome. This is definitely a place to eat and drink. You will definitely see me dining here very often. A must eat outlet! . . . . Sidney Kan

Malones Irish Bar
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2141 6310

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