Ko Dang Talay โกดังทะเล at Asiatique The Riverfront Warehouse 7 Bangkok

Ko Dang Talay 11
Ko Dang Talay (โกดังทะเล) Seafood Restaurant

At just recent I was invited for a fabulous Bangkok and Pak Chong trip organised by Tourism Authority of Thailand and my flight was made possible by Thai Airways. Upon the first day arrival in Bangkok we had our dinner at Ko Dang Talay โกดังทะเล located at Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse 7). It was a fabulous night of Thai modern contemporary dinner. I adore the food served here and it was a great first day experience of Thai cuisine in Bangkok.

Ko Dang Talay 5

The forty of us went charging in restaurant like hungry beast wanting to fulfilled our craving. The atmosphere was brilliant as the restaurant was flushed with light brown modern wood panelling and had a very spacious feel.

Ko Dang Talay
Deep Fried Sea Bass in Fish Sauce

We were seated at a long table about eight of us while the rest was occupying other tables not too far away, just across the dining hall. The arrival of the dishes was fast and the deep fried sea bass was brilliantly crisp crunchy. The accompanied fish sauce mix added a brilliant flavour and taste to the crispy sea bass. A brilliant start.

Ko Dang Talay 9
Thai Fish Cakes

The Thai fish cake was sizeable and had a great deep of flavour. The present flavour and aroma of Thai herbs truly captivated the taste of these fish cake. As for texture it was slightly tough as I prefer it slightly soft but I am not complaining. It was good !

Ko Dang Talay 8
Tom Yam Talay

Strangely I have a fixation on the white clear tom yam compared to a red ones. My obsession was due to the pungent freshness of the herbs used in these soup as something paste is used in red tom yam. Here at Ko Dong Talay their Tom Yam soup is executed well and caught me with such a delight. The seafood soaked in the soup was very fresh and I truly enjoyed each of my spooning.

Ko Dang Talay 10
My Bowl of Tom Yam Talay

Ko Dang Talay 7
Prawn Fried with Mung Bean Noodle

Here is an exciting dish and came with such a delight, lusciously delicious. The Prawn Fried with Mung Bean Noodle was definitely one of the highlight dish of that evening. The mung bean was done tastily as it soaked up most of the gravy while leaving a pungent of aroma and taste. The prawns were very fresh as the biting texture was refreshing crisp and crunchy. Amazingly good.

Ko Dang Talay 6
Curry Crab

The Curry Crab found its way to the table and it was had to resist of not having a few spooning over my white rice. I spicy mild egg sauce work itself into me like a demon as it was so deliciously tasty and the flavour was truly spot on. The crab was very fresh too.

Ko Dang Talay 4
Thai Egg Omelette

Thai Egg Omelette was let simple and yet taste brilliant with the [resent of fish sauce and some cut red bird eye chillies. It jived very well with my lump of Thai fragrant rice and I was left speechless.

Ko Dang Talay 2
Deep Fried Squid

The crisp deep fried squid was dancing in my mouth and left me with such a terrific satisfaction. The battered was done thin and crispy. I j=had few of my pieces laced with Thai Chilli sauce and it worked brilliantly. It was addictive indeed and had to resist of not wanting more. Bring them to me!

Ko Dang Talay 1
Spicy Chilli Clams

This spicy chilli clams was a nice dish that came with a nice hot spicy sauce. It went well with my rice and taste wholesome delightful.

Ko Dang Talay 2
Stir Fried Asparagus

I like the crisp texture of the asparagus and fried at the right taste for my liking. The brown sauce was tasty and flavourful, pair well with the asparagus.

My first day dinner in Bangkok and I truly love the eating experience with such wholesome pleasure. . . . . . . Sidney Kan

Ko Dang Talay (โกดังทะเล)
Seafood Restaurant
Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse 7),
Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tel No: +66 2 108 4498

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