Eastin Hotel EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 9
EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Chinese Festival 2014 is about to arrive and as always we will be greeted with awesome variety of delicious mooncakes. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. This year my first mooncake indulgence was at my favourite Chinese restaurant, the EE Chinese Cuisine located at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. The mooncakes here truly caught my attention, freshly crafted to perfection, by looking at the shine surface of their mooncakes you know they are beautifully made. My favourite . . . . strangely was their red bean paste mooncake with fluffy pastry. The red bean paste itself had a unique taste and suiting texture and I was left amazed.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 7
An Array of EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Mooncakes

This year EE Chinese Cuisine will be preparing an assortment of delectable baked and snow skin mini mooncakes directly from their own kitchen. These mine treats comes in variety of traditional pandan paste, lotus paste fillings as well as exotic fillings like durian paste, corn with custard and blueberry paste to suite the current modern palate. I love petite mooncakes as they looked really cute and I love eating them as whole, a one hand two bites . . . . .hahahahahaha ! As for healthier pick, their low-sugar white lotus paste with single yolk is definitely the right choice.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 10
Pandan Paste with Single Yolk Baked Mooncake

Their mooncakes are beautifully presented in their custom designed gift box and top-carrier bags. Riding with 15 different flavours which includes this year’s special, the mini crystal blueberry paste mooncake you will definitely be love them right away.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 12
Crystal Blueberry Paste Mooncake

Their mooncakes price range start from only RM11+ per piece which are available from 4th August – 8th September 2014 for take-away and dine-in as well. Delivery service is available for a minimum order of 20 boxes within the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area. Delivery charges of RM60 for Petaling Jaya and RM140 for Kuala Lumpur apply. For those who need customization services, this service will be offered on a complimentary basis with a purchase of 15 boxes.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 13
Crystal Corn Paste Mooncake

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 11
Crystal Durian Paste Mooncake

Eastin Hotel EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent MooncakesEastin Hotel EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes 1
EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes Menu

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 6
Dining at EE Chinese Cuisine

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel
Deep Fried Stuffed Prawn Dumpling in Superior Broth

During the mooncake indulgence we stay on for dinner and it was definitely as expected . . . a real refined Chinese dinner specially prepared and crafted by Chef Wong Kam Wah himself. The entrement was brilliantly executed with a great style and full of glam. I was amazed by his attempt this round and caught me with such a delight. With the used of prawn paste he created a similar version of Siew Long Bao. His prawn dumpling contained of superior broth and was ozzing out when I gave it a bite. It was a great unexpected experience.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 1
Gratinated Canadian Oyster with Lemon Cheese Sauce

His gratinated Canadian oyster is definitely something to die for and a must have. The oyster was very refreshing fresh and the cheese sauce was so captivating. It was my favourite piece of edible art that I can’t do without, definitely refinely executed.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 2
Fish Broth with Mushroom, Lotus Root, Fish Mousse in Mini Claypot

Having a bowl of brilliant soup is a must for me, here It was a mind blowing experience and I liked it right away when the first drop landed within the surface of my most sensitive tongue. It was definitely refined, intensified with flavour and captivation of texture. I spooned till the last drop of this refined liquid and it was wiped clean. Brilliant soup and it is a must have if you are dining here. Note: Have it booked in advance, my advice, :)

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 3
Baked Stuffed Chicken Wing with Savoury Sauce

Now something that is normal can be luxurious. Here a piece of chicken wing was crowned with such a delight. I was caught with surprised and delight. His steering of refined cooking technique had delicious fish paste stuffed into the chicken wings and the outcome was admirable and feel with envy. It tasted so good with the coating of the savoury sauce. It filled me with such an orgasmic treat.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 4
Charcoal Beancurd with Crispy Enoki Mushroom

The next dish was a great seducer, well how can someone not noticing something unique, a charcoal black beancurd. It was suiting soft and tender and the white asparagus came with a delightful crunchy in texture. I like it and I was captivated with it.

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 5
Baked Cod Fish with Garlic Fried Rice

The next carbo dish came paired with awesome protein, baked cod fish with garlic fried rice. The rice was done to my preference and I have it clean cleared and I slowly indulged into the cod fish. Excellent ! . . . . . . .. my favourite place to dine EE Chinese Cuisine

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel
Address: 13 Jalan 16/11, Seksyen 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone:03-7655 1111

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