Delicious Mid Summer Dishes from Oriental Viva Restaurant

Oriental Viva
Peking Duck at Oriental Viva

Having to look at Oriental Viva Chinese Restaurant’s Mid Summer promotion menu is truly difficult to resist and definitely an must order. The menu itself is very interesting that consist of Roasted Curry Suckling Pig served with Chilled Citrus Juice, BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Butterfly Buns, Deep-Fried Piglet Meat with Salt & Pepper and BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Special Sauce served with Chilled Citrus Juice. Each whole piglet is going for RM188each now till 28th August 2014 instead of RM330. For me after having to indulge one of the piglet, I would say it is a truly a fabulous bargain.

Oriental Viva 1
Preparing The Peking Duck

For our first course we were graced with wholesome Peking Duck(Two Course), Peking Duck skin wrapped with pancake over cucumber stick, spring onion and hoisin sauce. It was a brilliant start that filled with tasty sweet caramelised hoisin, crisp aroma duck skin and tenderly soft pancake wrap. I was mesmerized into the duck eating ritual, I was amazed. The whole Peking Duck eaten two ways cost only RM68each instead of RM80. Is was really a good price. The duckling was roasted beautifully and the duckling came with a fabulous radiant shine and roasted deep red in colour.

Oriental Viva 2
Peking Duck Pancake Wrap with Hoi Sin Sauce

Oriental Viva 11
Wok Fried Peking Duck Meat with Lettuce Wrap

As for the second duck course, the duck meat itself was taken out, diced and work fried with delicious captivating bean sauce and eating with lettuce leafs. I had mine smeared with hot shrimp chilli sauce and it tasted brilliantly. I was so into my duckling and truly excited with the eating experience. Definitely a must order if you happen to dine there.

Oriental Viva 6
Roasted Pork

We were like hungry little beast and went on ordering a small portion of roasted pork to satisfy out craving. It was really delicious and layers of fats and meat can be easily visual. It had a good crisp roasted skin and melting fat and tenderly moist lean meat layered combination. It was a mouth teasing that night and cost only RM10/portion and instead of RM16.

Oriental Viva 5
BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Special Sauce served with Chilled Citrus Juice

This round we ordered the BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Special Sauce served with Chilled Citrus Juice. The piglet did strike a fabulous post, it was truly grand while making and fabulous entrance to the table. I was amazed watching it while wanting to playing with it was my agenda. I know we are going to have a fabulous feast and I ate like a caveman with forks, knifes and fingers everywhere, my sense of smell and taste just went wild.

Oriental Viva 4
Chilled Citrus Juice

Oriental Viva 3
A Wholesome Piece of BBQ Whole Suckling Pig

How can one not enjoy such a fantastic slab of BBQ Suckling Pig and I will definitely be the one who will indulge it first. Such a pleasant craftsmanship, pure-licious. I am damn on most satisfied customer. One more round please. Having a glass of chilled citrus at the end of the piglet ritual was so refreshing and divine. Amazing.

Oriental Viva 8
Roasted Pigeon

Roasted Pigeon was at RM38each instead of RM55each. I just love the aroma of the roasted pigeon. It was very beautifully roasted. The meat was lean, moist and the have a very nice texture. Lovely and enjoyed.

Oriental Viva 7
Steamed Ocean Dragon Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce

The next dish made a dramatic entrance, it was the lovely Steamed Ocean Dragon Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce. The meat texture was excellent, moist and smooth. it had fabulous superior taste and feel. The Superior soy sauce too compliment the fish well and tasty. Excellent choice, just amazingly tasty.

Oriental Viva 9
Stir Fried Asparagus Beans with XO sauce

The stir fried Asparagus Bean with XO sauce caught me with such a delight. The asparagus was crunch it biting texture while the strong flavour of the XO sauce embodied the whole dish and it was so nice to eat. Just terrific.

Oriental Viva 10
Claypot Braised Egg Noodle with Sea Cucumber

When claypot came I was in wholesome joy was it contained my favourite sea cucumber. It was well braised, it was soft and tender. The accompanied noodle was tasty too. It was an amazing dish.

Oriental Viva 12
Lemongrass Jelly

To end the wholesome meal, each of us was pampered with a glass of lemongrass jelly with lemon juice. It was just brilliant as the sourness of the juice just cleansed my palate well and the jelly was soft and tender to bite into. . . . … . . . I got to confess that I feasted like an emperor that evening. I was so well pampered with wholesome food. . . . . Sidney Kan

Oriental Viva
Lot 3-32, 3-33 & 3-K-11
Third Floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall,
Plaza Uncang Emas,
No. 85, Jalan Loke Yew,
5200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-9283 8833

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