A Date with Sailor Jerry at MTV World Stage 2014

Sailor Jerry 6

MTV World Stage Malaysia is back for the 6th year. But this year Sailor Jerry Rum is making its debut in Malaysia through this event. Thanks Sailor Jerry as one of the main sponsors the event I was given a pair of VIP tickets along with Gold tickets to the post party. This year One-Night-Only outdoor concert I myself witness at awesome line up of multi-genre artists such as B.O.B, Yuna, Boy Republic and Thaitanium.

Sailor Jerry 4
Sailor Jerry Booth at MTV World Stage 2014

Jerry Sailor 10
Sailor Jerry Rum Pouring

First stop before the concert embraced, I was at the Jerry Sailor booth indulging their refined crafted cocktails, “Jerry Loves Ginger”, an electrifying combination of Sailor Jerry, ginger beer and lime wedge, as well as “Backyard Tea”, a refreshing blend of Sailor Jerry, Oolong tea and fresh lemon juice. Delicious Cocktails !

Sailor Jerry 3

Sailor Jerry
Biking at Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry 1
Sailor Jerry Limited Edition Mugs

Thaitanium at MTV World Stage Malaysia(Photo Credit to MTV Asia Lucas Lau)

Sunway 5 boy republic
Boy Republic at MTV World Stage Malaysia(Photo Credit to MTV Asia)

Yuna at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014(Photo Credit to MTV Asia Kristian Dowling)

BoB at MTV World Stage Malaysia(Photo Credit to MTV Asia Lucas Lau)

Thank you Sailor Jerry, I had an awesome night with good music, instant prints and awesome drinks. So see you in the next party!

Check them out at www.sailorjerry.com and www.sailorjerryclothing.com!
Facebook: fb.com/SailorJerry

Instagram: @SailorJerry

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