Recipe The Siew Yuk Story with Philips Airfryer (Airfried Pork Belly)

The Siew Yuk Story 7
The “Siew Yuk Story” AirFried Pork Belly

Putting a smile is not easy but airfrying a piece of pork belly is so simple. Yes do trust me, it can be so effortless especially using the Philips Airfryer. Yes I won the airfryer recently and it works brilliantly. It keeps me company and get me to churn out more delicious recipes. Yesterday morning I had a terrific time trying out “Siew Yuk”  Roast Pork Belly on the airfryer and it taste brilliant. Simple. Easy. and Fun.

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The Siew Yuk Story 1
Clean, Poached & Cut

At a nearby I bought a small long slab of premium pork belly and cut into two to try out. Well, my next airfrying I will get a better piece that fits well onto the airfryer (6in x 6in). Wow, the airfried pork skin was a cracker, it was so crispy and had a fabulous biting texture. The roasted meat was slightly dry but this might due to the small size of pork slab I used and moreover all the sides were not protected by a cover of aluminium foil, it was exposed. I am sure the next round would be 100% perfect.

The Siew Yuk Story 2
Massage Rub with Five Spice Powder

2 pcs Premium Pork Belly (4.5in x 2.5in)
1 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice Powder
I teaspoon White Vinegar
A pinch of White Pepper

The Siew Yuk Story 3
Vinegar Rub

Wash clean the pork belly
Boiled hot water and deep the pork into the water for a short poach.
Take out the pork belly and wipe clean.
Use the sharp edge of the knife and poke holes onto the skin.
Next diamond cut the meat surface.
Rub the meat surfeca with Chinese five spice powder and a pinch of salt and white pepper.
On the skin, rub it with some white vinegar and coat the surface with lots of salt.
Place the pork belly onto the airfryer and cook for 15mins at 185C
Next clear off the salt and bake for another 30mins at 200C.
Take the airfried pork belly out and cool it down before serve.

The Siew Yuk Story 4
Salt Coat

The Siew Yuk Story 5
Airfry Pork Belly

The Siew Yuk Story 6
The Airfried Siew Yuk

The airfried Siew Yuk taste really fantastic and I am sure you should give it a try.I will be making them again real soon.  . . . . . . . .. . . . . Sidney Kan

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