Recipe Airfried Smoked Duck with Philips AirFryer

Airfrying a Smoked Duck Breast

I just love having to bake my smoked duck breast in the oven. But since having to be a proud owner of a Philips Digital AirFryer, I had it airfried. The outcome of the airfried smoked dick breast was just amazing and delicious. I got to confess it was simple to make and if you were inviting some guests over for dinner, this recipe is definitely the best pick.

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Now, I know you will ask me where the hell to get this smoked duck breast. Yes, a good question to ask. I noticed it is difficult to find them and some places sells them at a very high price. As for myself, I got mine from the restaurant that serves smoked duck. Just ask them to sell you two or three whole smoked duck breast. Each duck breast comes in a vacuum package and can be frozen. The following is the recipe for my airfried smoked duck breast.

Airfried Smoked Duck Breast

1whole pieces Smoked Duck Breast
1 tablespoon Honey Wholegrain Mustard
1 teaspoon Tomato Paste
1 teaspoon Honey
½ teaspoon Apple Vinegar

Mix all the ingredient on a small bowl
Airfry the smoked duck breat with the skin right up at 185C at 15mins
Take the smoked duck breast out from the airfryer and coat the skin with the mixture.
Extra mixture can be use as dipping later when serve.
Bring the smoked duck breast back into the airfryer and airfry for another 5mins at 180C
Slice the smoke duck breast and ready to serve

*Note : This airfried smoked duck can be serve by topping over pasta or over a bowl of salad. Taste just amazingly terrific !

A Gorgeous Pinkish Smoked Duck Breast

Just love indulging them . . . . . . truly gorgeous ! . . . . .. Sidney Kan

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