Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine Basmathi at Fuzio

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine

A week ago I was invited to taste the Basmathi rice that came under the label Pusa Gold which truly caught my attention. My likings of the Basmathi rice came since my college in Scotland about 20years back. Here the same with Pusa Gold Basmathi rice it characteristic ignites my liking, the aroma, softness, texture and its uniqueness.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 1
The Fuzio Bar & Restaurant

Basmathi rice itself is truly unique as the grain itself is long compared to other grains and non-sticky when cooked. Most of this rice is grown at the foothill of the Himalaysa in the Punjab as it benefits from the cool climate, soil and fresh mountain water. Due to its popularity and quality, Basmathi rice is known as the Prince of Rice.

The tasting took place at Fuzio Bar & Restaurant located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, right at the heart of the city Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is self is known for its special touches of Italian cuisine and that night the restaurant was put into the test of infusion Pusa Gold Basmathi rice into their cooking and I was there to try them out and I was very impressed. They were perfectly executed with great satisfying taste that truly suited my likings.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 2
The Kitchen at Fuzio Bar & Restaurant

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 3
Ketu Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

To grace the table came the glasses that was filled up with Ketu Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. It was really excitingly delicious and I truly enjoyed my sippings. It was smooth, light and have a touch of sweetness. It was definitely my liking.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 4
Arancini – Italian Riceballs

First entrement that found its way to our dining table was the Arachini, the Italian riceballs. The riceball had a very unique texture, crisp Pusa Gold Basmathi rice coating and embedded with melted cheese. I loved the al dente texture of the rice crafted here as it made the biting texture here very interesting. Defintely it worked well with every sipping of my white wine. Defintely a lovely start.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 5
Arancini – Italian Riceballs

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 6
Stuffed Spring Chicken

The beauty of the stuffed spring chicken caught my eyes, it looked truly sexy. The browning from the roasting and the coating of the black glazed can easily seduce its dinner, especially someone like myself. The texture of the spring chicken was tender and moist. The Pusa Gold Basmathi rice stuffing was done beautifully, it was surprisingly moist, tender and tasty. Defintely a good combination and a very well detailed creation. It was definitely one of my favourite dish of that night.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 7
Cross Section of the Stuffed Spring Chicken

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 14
Nero D’Avola Sicilia

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 8
Braised Lamb Shank

Next came the beautiful juicy braised lamb shank accompanied with deliciously cooked Pusa Gold Basmathi rice with mushroom. The braised lamb was moist and tender, paired very well with the cooked Basmathi rice. I liked this perfect combination..

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 9
Angus Beef Tenderloin

The Angus beef tenderloin was crafted perfect, medium rare. It was juicy and coated with light aroma of herbs. The Pusa Gold Basmathi rice played well as it gave the dish a nice suiting comfort with the present of the delicious paper wrapped mushroom and the tender texture of the sliced tenderloin. Impressive combination.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 10
Spicy Oxtail

The spicy oxtail soup had a great subtle taste and I love it. It had a hint of spiciness sweet to it and the meat from the oxtail was cooked tenderly. The juicy soup definitely paired well the cooked Pusa Gold Basmathi rice.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 11
Marinara Seafood in White Wine Sauce

Here the Pusa Gold Basmathi rice was paired with Fuzio’s Marinara seafood in white wine sauce and I found to be good. I just love the concerntrated white wine sauce and played very well with the cooked Basmathi rice. The flavour pairing was excellent.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 12
Marinara Seafood in Tomato Sauce

Same here too, the Pusa Gold Basmathi rice paired well with this Italian Marinara seafood in tonato sauce. It was succulent juicy and truly bring out the goodness of the basmathi rice. The present of tomato too jazzed up the taste of this dish. Truly refine!

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 13
Baked Cod Fish

The cod fish was beautifully baked. The skin was crisply done while moist inside The cod itself was carefully seated on top of the tenderly soft cooked mushroom Pausa Gold Basmathi rice. I got to confess that it was one of the best combination of the night. Lovely.

Dining with PUSA GOLD Jasmine 15
Deep Fried Mango Rice

To finish off the night we had an interesting dessert, a deep fried mango rice. It was unique, sweet and witty. I like the sweetness and softness texture from the mango whilt the crisp texture of the basmathi rice truly enchance the taste of this dessert. Defintely a unique dessert but not so Italain lol! Anyway who cares as long the food is perefctly gorgeous like here at Fuzio.

The food cooked here the Italian way truly brings out the uniqueness taste of th Pusa Gold Basmathi rice and I love it. It was amazing delicious ! Thank you Pusa Gold Jasmine for inviting me to Fuzio to taste their Italian cooking using the basmathi rice. Just awesome.

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