Chicken Wrap Bacon Recipe with Philips Airfryer

Philips Airfryer Chicken wrap Bacon 4
Chicken Wrap Bacon with Sweet Thai Basil Sauce

I know what I wanted to cook but I did not like it. Yesterday I was toying the idea of using the Australia purple skin potato to form my warm chargrilled salad but I was left bewilded. When I foiled steamed my potato, the skin coloured change to light brown and I was speechless. I knew I got the wrong potato. So I left then aside.

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Philips Airfryer Chicken wrap Bacon 1
The Ingredients

Ths morning at my pantry I decided to do something nice, simple yet delicious on the Philips Airfryer. Having a pack of bacon and chicken breast, I decided to have them both cooked together. Wrapping the chicken over the bacon and grilled them is a simple thing to execute. Getting the right marination was not easy to decide as I was toying of using the teriyaki sauce as the first option but I decided to have them with a Thai influence. Thai fish sauce sweeten with caramelised Thai palm sugar and with a few Thai sweet basil leafs. Yeah a bottle of terriyaki sauce can be slightly expensive. lol!

Philips Airfryer Chicken wrap Bacon 2
Wrapping the Chicken

2 whole chicken breast
1 pack of Supreme Long Strip if Bacon (about 24pcs)
7 pcs Sweet Thai Basil Leaf
1 tablespoon Thai Palm Sugar
2 tablespoon Fish Sauce
2 tablespoon Water
pinch of salt & pepper
1 teaspoon Honey

Philips Airfryer Chicken wrap Bacon 3
Wrapped Chicken woth Bacon

Heat up the palm sugar and cook till caramelised.
Add in the fish sauce and gently stir.
Add in the Sweet Thai Basil
Add in water to dilute the paste then set aside
Clean the chicken breast and horizontally slice into two pieces
Marinate the chicken with the Sweet Thai Basil sauce
Use three strips of bacon to wrap over a piece of chicken.
Once done, place the 3 chicken wrap into the Philips Airfryer
Rub some honey on top of each wrap
Set the temperature to 185C and cook for 15mins.
Turn the chicken around and brown them for another 5mins
(NOTE: if you prefer a crisper texture, airfry them slight longer)

I just love the outcome my dish today as I always prefer my bacon oven baked and taste better than pan fried. My attempt this time is perfectly successful and I am so happy ! . . .. .Sidney Kan

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