Beggar Chicken Recipe with Philips AirFryer

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken
My Version of Beggar Chicken with Philips AirFryer

This was jolly awesome as I won the latest Philips AirFryer during Philips Blogger Cooking Challenge and got my hands to unwrapped it. My last dish at the challenge was with fish and so at my own comfort pantry I decided to play with chicken. For this session I bought a whole no antibiotic chicken from our local supermarket which weights about 1.2kg. It looked brilliant and amazing just right for the three of us over dinner.

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Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 1
The Ingredients

Scouting in my fridge I found a great stash of Chinese herbs and I know what I am going to cook, my version of the beggar chicken. Here I used dried longan, wolfberries, red dates, solomonseal rhizome “Yu Zhu”, Chinese yam “Huai Zhan” and “Tong Kwai” to give the chicken a great flavour and aroma..

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 2
Cooked Stuffing

1.2kg Whole Chicken
8pcs Dried Longan
10pcs Wolfberries
3slices Solomonseal Rhizome “Yu Zhu”
3slices Chinese Yam “Huai Zhan”
4slices “Tong Kwai”
750ml Water
1teaspoon Dark Soya Sauce
1teaspoon Seasame Oil
Salt & White Pepper for seasoning

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 3
Stuffed Chicken

Clean and massage the chicken with dark soya sauce and sesame oil
Rub the chicken surface and cavity with salt and white pepper and set aside
Boil the water and add in all the Chinese herbs.
Boil till it reduced to 1/3 (250ml)
Stuff the Chinese herbs and add a few spoon of the sauce into the chicken cavity
Wrapped the chicken with aluminium foil.
Heat up the Philips AirFryer at 200C and bake the chicken for 25mins
Once complete, unfoil the wrapper and bake the chicken for 15mins at 180C for browning.
Once done, plate the chicken on a nice plating and spoon in some leftover sauce onto the chicken.
Served the airfried chicken with some supreme soy sauce

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 4
Aluminium Foil Wrapped

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 5
Airfried with Philips AirFryer

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 6
Unwrapped & Browning

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken 7
My Version of Beggar Chicken with Philips AirFryer

I had a fabulous time cooking this chickenon my new airfryer and I had in done within leass than an hour clean, easy and simple. I hope you will try out this awesome delicious chicken. . . . . Sidney Kan xxxx. Thanks to my Philips AirFryer !

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