Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 7

Early this July 2014 The Asian Food Channel, part of the Scripps Networks family of lifestyle networks and culinary school, BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BERJAYA UCH) had flew in three Michelin-starred chef, Alvin Leung, to Malaysia to present ‘Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness’. That evening I was overly whelming as i got to observe the event and also to try out Chef Alvin Leung’s interpretation of our local cuisine presented through his molecular style.

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 3

During his stay, Chef Leung worked hand in hand with the hospitality students from BERJAYA UCH and teached them how to make Malaysian inspired dishes with a unique gastronomical twist. The dishes are a make up a 5-course menu, served at an intimate dinner with demonstration event at Samplings on the Fourteenth, BERJAYA UCH. The guests that night include myself got indulged Chef Leung’s own interpretation of Bakkuteh, Beef Short Rib served with Compressed Watermelon with “ Chinese Angelica”, Umami Won Ton Mee, Chilli Crab and Oyster Omelette Gazpacho and Chicken Rice served with 9 Years Aquerello Rice, Cat Ear Fungus, and Sand Ginger Cream.

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Tomato Chinois

Our first appetiser was a Tomato Chinois, a very summery cloured tomatoes. It was very eye catching, tasted very vibrant and juicy. I got to confess it was very welcoming start. Chef Alvin Leung had tomato on vine braised with “Pat Chun” Chinese glutinous rice vunegar, organic yellow cherry tomato with “Lam Kok” fremented Chinese olive, Tomato foam, green onion , goat cheese and beetroot.

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Umami Won Ton Mee

Another appetiser in line that evening was this delicious and truly addictive Umami Won Ton Mee. The plating was not too bad but the taste of this dish is just fantastic. I just love how the the rice noodle and vermicelli was done and flavored with “Har Mi” essence. It was really addictive and I can’t stop forking into it till it runs dry. The duck breast “Char Siew” was very eye opening for me as it was something different and taste good. The langoustine tartar had a fabulous biting texture and the crispy squid ink paper end this disj with a great umph !

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Chiil Crab

The next dish came with such a delicate taste and a great finishing to the appetiser line-up. I truly admired the intensity taste of the reduction of the consumme that holds very well with the chilli crab while the oyster custard was there to seducee it’s admirer especially like myself. It was brilliant.

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 6

Derek Chang, managing director of Scripps Networks Interactive, Asia Pacific says, “We are happy to be working with BERJAYA UCH for this event with Chef Leung. As the leader in lifestyle media, SNI prides itself on not only providing entertaining and engaging lifestyle content on-air, but also unique on-ground experiences that are exciting and relevant to our viewers. Such culinary events are a great way for us to stay in touch with our fans in Malaysia and to get involved with the culinary community.”

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Bak Kut Teh Short Rib

L love my main dish, the Bak Kut Teh Short Ribs. It looked funky compared to the original BKT. Soup. Here it was served dry with great intensive flavour. The short rib was done tenderly coated with suprisingly aromatic Bak Kut Teh chocolate. The dressing with compressed watermelon with “Chinese Angelica” truly excites the flavour of the dish. Defiintely a well executed package of Bak Kut Teh, his way..

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Chicken Rice

My neighbour sitting on my left had the Chicken Rice and we did a small bite of exchange, just for tasting palatte. It was nice. The dish comsisted of a 9years aqucallo rice, cat ear fungus and sand ginger cream. I wish I had a complete dish, I was left craving for it. Hahahahahaha . . . . . !

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Black Forest

The vegeterian main came, The Black Forest. Not many people went for this dish but I managed to capture the dish over the next table. It looked exciting and according to the menu this dish consist of blck truffle, Chinese steamed rice pasta braised with sweet soy sauce, black carrot, cat ear fungus, asparagus and taro puree. Sounds amazing!

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 5

Chief operating officer of BERJAYA UCH, Mae Ho says, “We are proud to be able to provide our students with these unique hands-on experiences with reputable chefs from around the region and the world. The students are very excited to meet Chef Leung and try their hand at making some of his dishes. I am delighted that AFC and Scripps Networks Interactive are partnering with BERJAYA UCH for this exclusive celebrity chef event and look forward to more partnerships in the future.”

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness Modern Ais Kacang

Alving Leung hmiself and his team finished of the night with a dessert demostration that incoperate with lots of molecular style.The dessert looked eleganty colourful and it was hard to resist of not having it. The element were peanut butter and condensed milk icecream, freeze dried raspberry. Cherry snow, bnana caviar, pandan chocolate chips, red bean meringue, salty caramel pop-corn, blue Hawaii spheres, sous-vide strawberry with Sichuan nd maple syrup. Excellent and exciting.

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 4

Alvin Leung Molecular Madness 1

The night was truly exciting filled with exciting gourmet presented in molecular way. Alvin Leung truly got me ecited with his food. . . . Sidney Kan.

‘Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness’ is proudly presented by BERJAYA University College of Hospitality and Asian Food Channel. For more information about Asian Food Channel and its programs, please visit

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