Wasabi Bistro at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Wasabi Bistro 12
Wasabi Bistro at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I just can’t relate enough how much the love of Japanese cuisine I have in me here in Kuala Lumpur and Wasabi Bistro is one of them. I was in luck as recently I walked into this Japanese bistro and had a fabulous time.

Wasabi Bistro 11

The first dish that gorgeously make its way to the dining table was this individually tucked in Santen-mori. The whole tray was such an eye pleaser. The fork and knife just went wild and yet not know which one to start off with. Kumi, Ahi Poke, Horenso-Goma, Tamago-Yaki, Steamed Prawn & Sweet Walnut were the items on the Sanen-mori.

Wasabi Bistro 13
Kumi’s #1

The Umi was definitely the highlight of the night, it was so gorgeous. Just ove the taste and the look. The whole dome consisted of high quality coarsely chopped crab meet stick and avacado and coated over with their special sauce. The sauce was tangy, creamy and tasty. Before serving it was given a light oven toasted. Thie Umi is definitely one of the most addictive dish that I ever come across with.

Wasabi Bistro 14
Ahi Poke

On my tray I saw Ahi Poke, a fresh diced tuna with added lemon juice. It was really tender and smooth in texture and it was raw, exciting. Defintely a nice dish to tenderlise my palate for a start.

Wasabi Bistro 15

The Horenso-Goma, blanched spinach with sesame dressing came with full budding flavour. It was simple but robust with taste and soft tender texture. Defintely a hit for vegan but someone like myself like it too.

Wasabi Bistro 16
Tamago-Yaki, Steamed Prawn & Sweet Walnut

The platter also came with a stick of Tamago-Yaki, Steamed Prawn & Sweet Walnut which looked rather pleasing. I liked the Tamago-Yaki as it was done soft and sliky. The orawn was came with great freshness and good chrunchy texture while the sweet walnut gave the lusting finish for this tray of goodies. I felt delighted.

Wasabi Bistro 17

Their Dobin-Mushi was truly sex that night. I was delighted with the taste of this clear soup that came with a variety of mushroom such as fresh shiitake, button mushroom and enoki too.I suspect dashi played a great role here. I had mine with a dash squeeze of lime and the soup was truly refreshing in taste. Bravo!

Wasabi Bistro 18
Sashimi Hana

I am a sashim lover and each of them can easily seduce at any time. Here we were served with a dashing lovely bowl of Sashimi Hana that came with salmon, salmon belly, kimidai, chutoro, ika, uni and hamachi. There were very fresh in taste and had a fabulous biting texture. I was mesmerized and I was glued to my seat. The sashimi experience was just superb.

Wasabi Bistro 19
Salmon & Salmon Belly

Wasabi Bistro 20
Japanese Snapper Kimidai

Wasabi Bistro 21
Tuna Belly Chutoro

Wasabi Bistro 22
Japanese Squuid Ika & Sea Urchin Uni

Wasabi Bistro 23
Yellow Tail Hamachi

Wasabi BIstro 24
Dynamite Scallop

Another winning dish that had our mouth glued to was their Dynamite Scallop. It was such a unique additive dish. It may look that eye catching but the taste was just amazingly delicious. The rice was so well season and coated with their special sauce and topped with semi raw scallop and topped with katsuobushi shavings. I was truly surprised that we cleaned up this dish that night. Lovely.

Wasabi Bistro 25
Sushi Roll Platter

They were rolled up and placed in a line on a long ceramic plate. They truly looked beautiful and very inviting, Crispy Sof t Shell Crab, Salmon Mango & Rainbow Roll. T tasted each and truly desireable. If I was asked to pick one, the Salmon Mango roll woked well for me. Yummilicious.

Wasabi Bistro 27
Salmon Mango & Rainbow Roll

Wasabi Bistro 28
Tempura Ice-cream

To finish of the night, we had a bite into their tempura ice cream and it was really delicoous!

Wasabi Bistro 29
Executive Chef Hiro Sakamoto

The Japanese gourmet prepared for us that night was the edible art work of Executive Chef Hiro Sakamoto which was tuly delightful. I truly enjoyed this creation. Hope to be back again for more delicious gourmet.

Wasabi Bistro
at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpu
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-2163 0968

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