Taste Enclave Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

Assam Curry Steamed Fish at Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant, Taste Enclave

I was back at Taste Enclave Avenue K recently to try out two of their restaurants, the Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant and the Grandeur Teppan Yaki. Both had different concapet, one was Chinese and the other was Japanese.

Stewed Pork Trotter

This round we meet up at the Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant and the dishes where gearing up at the kitchen waiting for us. As we were seated over awarm Chinese Tea, the dish that make its entrance was Xi Qing’s Assam Curry Fish. It surely smells good as the Asian fresh herbs such as bunga kantan can be easily detected. The aroma around the table was getting exciting as dishes was approaching fast.

Steamed talapia fish was being put into action for the assam curry dish. The whole talapia fish was given a precise attention and steamed to the right texture, softt and moist. Having the fish coated over a homemade assam curry sauce, the dish tasted brilliantly. It had a good hype of sourness, sweetness, refreshing and filled with awesome texture. Well I licked dry most of the sauceI had, it was lovely.

The stewed pork trotter had a fabulous texture as I am sure it was stewed for at least few hours in order to achieve great tenderness. The meat was kept to tender with slightly flaky and yet had a nice softness. Those who into fats, it was prepared well soft and tender.. The brown sauce was tasty too. I just love this dish and went well with my bowl of with rice.

Chicken with Salted Egg

The Salted Egg Chicken was briliantly executed and had me indulging quiet a few pieces. It was really tasty and coated the golden fried chicken pretty well. As a fan for salted egg, this dish istruly my liking.

Golden Mushroom Beancurd

The beancurd was given a crisp coated and dizzled over a tasty brown sauce that came with golden mushroom. The beancurd itself had a fabulous silky texture and smooth yet sure a divine and enjoyable dish. Nice.

Three Various Eggs with Vegetable

The bowl of spinach poached in tasty soup came with a great delight. This was cleverly infused with three type of eggs (salted egg, egg, century egg) to boast up the taste and flavor. It is a brialliant soup to have over a cosy night.

Salmon Fillet Teppanyaki at Grandeur Teppan Yaki

On that night we did not have our teppanyaki at Grandeur Teppan Yaki but the food was brought to our table at Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant. The piece salmon was given a good touch and taste really good, tasty and smellls realy amazing.

Dory Fish Teppanyaki

Dory fish was not too bad but since I am a salmon fan, it woked better for me.

Beef Steak Teppanyaki

The beef steak was tenderly crafted, the taste was all right, nothing to complain here. Nice.

Mushroom Omellete

The mushroom omellete taste good and the presentation it self was really attractive. It can make one wanting to eat it right away.

Honey Glazed Chicken

The honey glazed chicken worked well with me, we were defintely a great partner for liking. The meat was tender and moits while the honey glazed compliment the dish very well. Overall the teppanyali dishes was good but I still prefer to have it right infront the chef and indulge it while it is still warm.

Hours: 10am -10 pm Sundays – Thursdays and Public Holidays
10am – 11pm Fridays, Saturdays and Eve of Public Holidays

Taste Enclave
Level 2, Avenue K Shopping Centre
156 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2181 8888

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