Ramadan Celebration at Concorde Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan Concorde KL 2


Concorde welcomes the holy month where Muslims around the globe fast from dawn to dusk. When it comes to breaking fast, many would look forward to authentic kampung dishes – comfort food we grew up with… From June 29 till July 27, 2014, an array of perennial delicacies will be showcased at Melting Pot Café and at a bigger venue, Concorde Ballroom.

Ramadan Concorde KL

Two venues,
Two different dining experiences

Ramadan Concorde KL 5

It is time to recall our childhood memories by tasting traditional dishes from age old recipes. Not only the popular Melting Pot will be the ideal place for breaking fast but the Ballroom with its kampung setting, hawker stalls, kawah display will definitely be another ‘attraction’, having ample/cosy space for groups/corporate companies enjoying a wholesome meal!

Ramadan Concorde KL 4

Ramadan Concorde KL 3

Some of the kampung-style dishes whipped up by chef de partie, Chef Rogayah Sharif and Chef Mohd Ridzuan include umbut kelapa masak lemak, gulai ikan puyu dengan ubi kemili, rendang ayam pencen, udang galah tiga rasa, daging salai masak lemak belimbing, siput sedut daun selasih, paru goreng berlado, kambing kuzi, sotong goreng kunyit, kurma telur, hati dan pedal ayam. More tempting desa/kampung specials – ikan patin masak tempoyak, hati lembu masak hitam manis, sambal udang galah, batang keladi masak asam, sambal sotong petai, lidah lembu bakar air asam, puyuh goreng berempah, sotong sumbat, gulai haruan dengan ubi kemili, lamb chop kurma, ayam kerutuk, ayam kampung bermadu, ikan keli berlada hijau, gulai daging kawah, daging dendeng and daging opor daun salam. Dishes will go down well with rice dishes include nasi ulam, nasi briyani gam, nasi arab kambing and nasi briyani daging.

Ramadan Concorde KL 6

Ramadan Concorde KL 10

Ramadan Concorde KL 9

Both venues will feature three buffet dinner menus, which rotates daily. Apart from the classic dishes, each menu features two noodles items, amongst served include laksa Penang, soto ayam, mee rebus, mee hoon sup utara, mee bandung, laksa Johor. The must-have bubur lambuk, tom yam seafood, most-popular, sup gearbox dan urat keting are great picks too!

Ramadan Concorde KL 15

Ramadan Concorde KL 8

Ramadan Concorde KL 12

Ramadan Concorde KL 11

Good food with perfect balance of other types of cuisine. So, during this period, guests can tuck into Chinese, Japanese, Indian dishes plus some famous street foods. Roti john, murtabak, popiah basah, ikan panggang, sotong kangkung, teppanyaki items and more. Menu included traditional kuih-muih, assorted pastries and thirstquenchers like air tebu, air soya, air bandung.

Ramadan Concorde KL 13

Kampung style dishes also attract the non-Malays and tourists, and this could at the same time help to promote traditional dishes in the country… hence, it is the best time to gather family, friends, colleagues near and far.

Melting Pot Café (June 29 – July 27, 2014)>
Nightly buffet at RM118.00++ per person.
> Resident band, Bergema 5 strollers performance
> Sahur with Buffet Supper/Steamboat at RM60.00++ per person (11 pm – 4 am)

Ramadan Concorde KL 14

Concorde Ballroom (starts July 7 – 25)
Corporates groups can host business associates for a wonderful feast.
Dine and enjoy live performance from Balle Balle
> Nightly buffet at RM98.00++ per person

Ramadan Concorde KL 1

Special Offers> 15% Discount on first 5 days (June 29, 30, July 1 – 3) and the last 3 days (July 25 – 27)
> 50% Discount for kids age 5 – 12 years old
For reservations, call Hasrul at tel : 2717 2233 or 2144 2200 extn 2337.
*early reservation is recommended

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