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Mediteca Fraser Place 3

I am back at Mediteca at Fraser Place recently to try out their new menu and I know I am going be excited by their kitchen. I always had been a fan of this Mediterranean Restaurant as it serves rustic, light, fresh and exciting food. Well I am truly into their concept of food and they too serve tapas and a great selection of wine. Here I got to confess that this restaurant is one of best place that serves awesome cold cuts.

Mediteca Fraser Place
Bread, Chesse, Olive Oil & Vinaigrette

Mediteca Fraser Place 1
Prosecco To Grace the Evening

As we were seated at our designated table, bread, cheese, olive oil and vinaigrette came running over to our table to embrace us for a light indulgence. It was a real teaser and it tasted nice especially while sipping into our invidual glasses of Prosecco. It was a brilliant start and I kept flooding my thirst with a great awesome delight.

Mediteca Fraser Place 4
Pan Con Tomate Y Serrano

It looked for sure an elegant tapas, a slab of Pan Con Tomato Y Serrano. The smell of the toasted bread just walked through me and leave me with such a dismay feeling. Of course eating it was my main agenda. It truly tasted delicious and having the presnt of the cold cut Serrano it truly beautified the flavor and taste of this bread dish. I also found the present of dried tomato skin to give the dish a divine aroma. It truly looked good , tasted fabulously. Through out the session it kept my mouth sealed and enjoyment..

Mediteca Fraser Place 2

Arancini was crafted well too. This rice balls were giving a good coating of mozzarella and ham before giving a golden deep fried. The outer had a nice crisp texture while inside the rice was soft and the ham gave a nice bodily texture. Very likeable hand held bites that is hard to resist.

Mediteca Fraser Place 5

Another tapas that we managed to get to try it out was the omellete, an arthicoke based dish. The arthicoke was cooked to tender and was given an ommellete fried. I like the texture and the aroma of this dish and the rocket gave it a balance of freshness. This one is definitely something different from my normal eating list. Just brilliant.

Mediteca Fraser Place 11

Mediteca’s croquette for sure indeed very tasty, nicely crisp on the outside after given a good deeo fried while the mashed potato filling taste most and tasty. The tasty topping which I suspected a combination of blended olive and dried tomato was amazing. It really enchanced the taste of the croquette. Lovely and a had great time biting into it. Prosecco please!

Mediteca Fraser Place 9

The crostone looked very appealing that night. The crispy bread was layered with great stuff sucah as mushroom, porchette, melted cheese and dried tomato skin. It was tasty and also lovely to look at. Nice.

Mediteca Fraser Place 8

We had a deep plate of Farro which taste really niceand something new to me. I like the nutty flavour of the farro and accompanied with spelt salad, tomato, capsicum, zucchini and parsley. It was a fabulous experience something new to me, nice.

Mediteca Fraser PLace 10
Beetroot Salad

Of the salad that we manage to give it a try was their beetrootsalad and it had a fabulous deep falsh of red dyecolour on the bowl of salad. I loved that had their beetroot baked that encased a bold nutty taste, I find it truly rustic.The salad came with baby spinach, tomato, leek and sliced sausage. It was nicedish to enjoy that night.

Mediteca Fraser Place 13

Moving to the pasta dishes, Imanaged to meet up with Rigatoni that came with a huge tubing. Here I liked the way the rih was cooked, it was really tasty. Well who can resist having the present of the tasty speck which was given a good pan fried. Asparagus and mushroom found its way to the pot of rigatoni and added a brilliant taste to this pasta dish. I found it to be very likeable.

Mediteca Fraser Place 12

Oreccheitte, a ear shape pasta too found its centre stage here at Mediteca. Its not a very common pasta to be seen in Kuala Lumpur but definitely making its appearance in the local food scene here. I just love the simplicity of this pasta dish created at Mediteca. The Orecchiette was given a stir with broccoli, sausage and chilli. Delicious.

Mediteca Fraser Place 14

Next was the Maccheroni pasta and it was cooked with cheese, walnut, parsley and topped over with breadcrumbs. The dish was done perfectly, tasty and the pasta was superb. Lovely.

Mediteca Fraser Place 18
Mouth Cleanser – Ginger Ice-cream

Mediteca Fraser Place 15

Moving to the main dishes, we had the pan seared Salmon topped over with prawn and scallop served with a veggie kabab. The salmon was given a good seared and taste really delicious, so was the scallops. It was a nice dish.

Mediteca Fraser Place 16

The sausage was really good and Luganette Italian Sausage was used to create this dish. It was a lovely meaty sausage and tasted good. I think I will able to wallop the whole dish as it was good.

Mediteca Fraser Place 17

Stop. I need to confess that their beef is just superb and I just like the combination of ingredient used, simple and yet the whole dish was spectecular. I know they had used the best cut of the beef to create this dish. Seared beef entrecote topped with goat cheese paired with crushed pumpkin was the dish. I just like that the beef was done in medium raw. The texture of the beef was teander while the goat cheese enhance the taste and smell. It workedbrilliant for me, ust superb.

Mediteca Fraser Place 20
Rice Pudding

Next we caught up with the dessert and rice pudding was served right immediately. The rice was presented al-dente and it worked well with my pallete. Other ingredients that was used for make this dessert include rice milk, amaretto and vanilla stick. It was something new to me but I grew to like it after a few spooning. Well how can one like myself resist any good dessert.

Mediteca Fraser Place 19
Apple Tartt

The apple tart looked good, rustic and very charming. The tart crust was nicely baked and had a nice chunchy bits. The apple filling was good too. Lovely.

My tasting experience went well at Mediteca, every dish had its one signature taste and went brilliantly. It was aa terrific tasting and will definitely be back to enjoy more eating.

Fraser Place
Jalan Perak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-2181 2426 

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