Epicuro Damansara Uptown

Epicuro Chicken Cacciatore 1
Chicken Cacciatore

Just love the food at Epicuro and I had a great time enjoying every dishes served at recent night out. The yellow, black and white backdrop of the cafe totally flushed beautiful well with its furniture and I found it very cosy and relaxing. I was told Epicuro started as a coffee joint and dessert was served but as it went on with time, more and more well calculated dishes were carefully created. Well I am not surprised with its food concept as the crafter himself Lee Yugin holds an engineering degree from Germany. Honestly after spooning, forking and kniving into this bold creations I truly wanting more of his style of cooking. His modernasation and innovative cooking wooed me right away.

Epicuro Walnut and Almond Salad
Walnut and Almond Salad

His walnut and almond salad was adoreable, just by looking at it you know its going to be a terrific kick off. The present of romaine lettuce, rocket, carrot, tomatoes had the salad tasted light, moist and crunchy. Then glazed walnuts and toasted almonds were thrown in to give the salad a crunchy and nutty flavour, not forgetting the croutons too. The present of the red wine vinaigrette on the salad gave a great a fininshing touch to this salad, just brilliant to start of the night.

Epicuro Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad

Another salad on the menu make its way to table too, a lovely Caesar Salad drenched with plentiful of tasty bacon bits. A bed of romaine lettuce, carrot, tomatoes took the centre stage while the present of the bacon bits, croutons and chicken were to beautify the salad. Homemade caesar dressing hidden under the romaine lettuce played its role well and a 64 degree C poached egg took the centre stage. It was just amazing brilliant! I think so.

Epicuro Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup

Epicuro’s pumpkin soup had a great bright orangy look and look damn sexy. The colour itself just sucked me in. I was mesmerized on the spot. I just love that pressure cooked pumpkin soup, light, creamy and well seasoned. Just the perfect yummiious piece of edible art soup that I ever encountered with.

Epicuro Pulled Pork Sandwicj
Pulled Pork Sandwich

Momofuku’s pulled pork had set the trend of eating a few years back but it ws rather difficult to locate such a dish here in Kuala Lumpur but that night I managed to taste Epicuro’s version that came with baked bun and a sunny side up egg. The pulled pork surprisingly good, moist and tasty. The whole pairing went well and very combination was btilliant. It was flawless but I felt the sauce that moist the pork was slightly sweet.

Epicuro Conchiglie
Conchiglie with Spinach Cream

Conchiglie the shell paste was done al-dente and came coated with spinach cream topped with handsome looking bacon bits. Looked exciting and just reminded me of the hulk. I also like toasted pine nuts were generously thrown onto the pasta and lots of cheese make its present,known. Love the taste and making me wanting another spooning.

Epicuro Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara

A plate of spaghetti carbonara found its way to the table and it truly smells good. The spaghetti was very well toasted with fried garlic and onion and continued coated with their light creamy sauce. To give the dish a rustic flavour, toasted bacon bits were put to charge. As to give a the pasta a good moist texture, sous vide egg was place at the centre of this dish and it did work brilliantly. It was so likeable and perfectly executed.

Epicuro Spaghetti and Meatball
Spaghetti and Meatball

The spaghetti and meatball is a good strong and bold pasta dish at Epicuro. The spaghetti was perfectly coated with maninara sauce and the best part that caught my liking was their pork meatball that tasted brilliantly and I wanted more of the meatballs.

Epicuro Pork Ragu Marinara
Pork Ragu Marinara

I wanted to marry off the next dish, their pork ragu marinara swept me away. The marinara sauce tasted brilliantly and paired so well the al-dente cooked spaghetti. The present of the mince pork too for sure will seduce any diners who get in touch with it. A very fast selling pasta dish at Epicuro.

Epicuro Pork Loin Linguine
Pork Loin Linguine

The liguine was well coated wth leek cream sauce and topped with pan fried strips of pork loin. It was creamy and taste really nice. Just exciting and defintely not for sharing whish I wished that night! :)

Epicuro Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank

Epicuro’s Lamb Shank defintely Epicuro’s style and looked truly exciting.The textured of the braised lamb shank was kept to a really nice biting texture, not overly flaky and yet well intagged. I loved the way their cooking shank which was not drenched heavily with tomato sauce, it was rather light and the based cauliflower puree was just brilliant crafted. Great cooking technique.

Epicuro Chicken Cacciatore 2
Epicuro Chicken Cacciatore

Whole chicken leg was pan fried till golden brown and then given a coat of dense marinara sauce. This Chicken Cacciatore too came with a bed of aglio olio pasta. Overall it was a solid dish to have.

Epicuro Pork Chops
Pork Chops

The pork chops was really brilliant done. The texture of the pork was tender and had a fantastic biting. Smells good. It was a talk around the table and the dish was wiped clean within minutes. The mushroom cream sauce paired well with the pork, delicious. Just brilliant.

Epicuro Brownies
Brownies with homemade dulce de leche ice-cream

As for dessert their petite slabs of warm brownie tasted really good and with the present of their homemade dulce de leche ice-cream it was really brilliant. Yes it was spectecular good ice-cream and pair so well with brownie. We loved it!

Epicuro Tiramisu

The tiramisu was so refreshing to have, every spooning truly indulged me. The cream was nice and tightly filled the glass with petite cake glazed with coffee and alcohol. Ahha . . . . . its really fantastic!

I am sure this is one of the most exciting place in PJ that served good delicious food with great cooking techniques. Definitely a place to try out, as I will defintely be back for more.

No. 20, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7733 3110

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